Open Spaces - Making it Happen #1 + #2

online 25.02. - 28.02.2021 + 10.06. - 27.06.2021
With OPEN SPACES - Making it Happen we presented in February online formats by Kareth Schaffer & ninus, David Bloom and Julian Weber. With this, we are showing very different artistic approaches, which, however, have in common the subtle undercurrent and sometimes very clear irony, with which serious concerns appear in the light of contemporary aesthetics. Whether it's a group piece or a solo experiment, we look forward to intensive discussions on current issues by the participating artists!

OPEN SPACES - Making it Happen #2: Good things are worth waiting for. Sticking together, daring new things, dancing. June is marked by new aesthetic experiments in the choreographic exploration of the power of words, objects and history. The present finds its way into gaps in memory and speechlessness through a visual language interwoven with personal associations. In these special times for the art of dance, the ongoing program of OPEN SPACES - Making it Happen #2 is an offer over two weekends to experience different virtual results of the latest choreographic positions.
The successful cooperation with Radialsystem takes place online for the first time, let's toast to it!

Below you find the
streamings and trailer & interviews with some of the artists.

↪ Artists

Video streamings 25.02. - 28.02.2021
by David Bloom, Kareth Schaffer & ninus, Julian Weber

Video streamings 10.06. - 27.06.2021
by Enrico Ticconi & Ginevra Panzetti, Sergiu Matis, Ellinor Ljungkvist, Justine A. Chambers/Margaret Dragu/William Locke Wheeler/Britta Wirthmüller
and by David Bloom, Kareth Schaffer & ninus, Julian Weber

Trailer & Interviews

William Locke Wheeler & Britta Wirthmüller “Try Leather“


“Ara Ara“

Trailer | Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi

Sergiu Matis



Trailer | Sergiu Matis

Julian Weber



Trailer | Julian Weber

David Bloom


Kareth Schaffer & ninus


“Bee Dances“

Trailer | Kareth Schaffer & ninus