Möckernstr. 68
 D-10965 Berlin
 Traffic links:
 U6 & 7 Yorckstraße / Mehringdamm
 S1 & 2 Yorckstraße
 Bus M19 Katzbachstraße

Our studios are located on the first and second floors of a listed building (Entrance C and D) with no lift and are therefore not wheelchair accessible. 
The stairs entrance C are 126cm wide, the step is 24cm deep and 18cm high. The stairs at entrance D are 112cm wide, the steps are 28cm deep and 18cm high. Both staircases have a handrail to hold on to. The building entrance C is located in a backyard of Möckernstraße 68, about 100m walking distance. The building entrance D is about 150m walking distance. On request, the barrier can be opened and access to the front door is possible. We can provide a limited number of parking spaces for cars in case of urgent need. Entrance C is only accessible via approx. 5 steps with railings to hold on to. The nearest public transport is bus number M19 (bus stop: Katzbachstraße) and bus number 140 (bus stop: Kreuzbergstr./Katzbachstraße) both about 300m walk. The S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Yorckstraße (S1 & U7) as well as the U-Bahn Mehringdamm (U6 & U7) are about a 10-minute walk away and have a lift and a guidance system for blind or visually impaired persons.
Photos and detailed information about our studios can be found here.  
Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg does not have barrier-free toilets, the cabins are on the 1st and 2nd floor like the studios. 
The entrance and cabin door is 62cm wide. The showers are located exclusively on the 2nd floor in front of Studio 1 and the entrance and cabin door is 70cm wide.
Uferstr. 23, Badstr. 41a
D-13357 Berlin
Traffic links:
U8 Pankstraße / U9 Nauener Platz

Tanzfabrik Wedding in Uferstudios: Wheel chair accessible
Limited free parking available to disabled people on the yard of Uferstudios.
Wheel chair accessible public transport connection:
U Osloer Straße  U8 and U9 + 500 m on Schwedenstraße 
U Pankstraße  Bus M27 + 500 m on Badstraße