Mission statement

With this Mission Statement, we at Tanzfabrik Berlin would like to affirm our shared vision and the compass that guides our work.  
Tanzfabrik Berlin School & Stage Teams & Tanzfabrik e.V. 
November 2023

Tanzfabrik Berlin is a place for dance art, choreography, and performance. We provide a wide and multifaceted range of services and opportunities for anyone influenced by, interested in, or specializing in dance. We open access – on a practical, sensuous, and conceptual level – to an international audience and the city to dance art, choreography and performance. In this way, we make it possible to participate in social change through dance.

Tanzfabrik Berlin brings people together. We are a place for anyone inspired by the utopian, sensual, and critical potential of dance and performance. We support the many different forms that this practice and artform takes: research, presentation, education work, and communication.

Tanzfabrik Berlin creates spaces of opportunity.We offer dancemakers, tutors and students, choreographers, dramaturges, and researchers an institutional and conceptual arena for their work. We support this work and its open-ended nature, regarding it as a crucial contribution to social diversity.

Tanzfabrik Berlin development.We provide a framework for dance and performance to develop further. We aim to relate forms of physical, artistic, and pedagogic knowledge to the fundamental processes shaping society today and so provide impetus for socio-political change.

Tanzfabrik Berlin challenges existing systems. We see ourselves as a learning organization. To achieve our goals, we follow a feminist practice in our work – questioning power structures and striving for a transformative justice to include the breadth of society in all its heterogeneity.

Tanzfabrik Berlin opens doors.We cultivate an open and self-critical attitude. We aim to provide a working environment that is free of ableism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim racism, homohostility, racism, sexism, trans hostility and all other forms of discrimination and power abuse. We are committed to breaking down visible and invisible barriers. 
Tanzfabrik Berlin is a place for dancemakers, choreographers, educators, students, dramaturges and researchers to explore issues and topics in and through dance. A center for producing, conveying and presenting dance, Tanzfabrik Berlin is acclaimed on the national and international dance and performance scene and beyond. 
In its studios in Kreuzberg, Tanzfabrik Berlin SCHULE offers a range of courses and intensive workshops for amateur and professional dancers and the 9-month advanced training programme «Dance Intensive». In the Uferstudios in Wedding and across the nearby Gesundbrunnen neighborhood, Tanzfabrik Berlin BÜHNE offers space for presenting works and conducting residencies, artistic research, dialogue, and outreach. 
Tanzfabrik Berlin’s key objective is to present to the public and promote dance in all its multiple facets while productively and creatively analysing the human body and its role in contemporary societies. Manifold choreographic, performative and discursive practices are developed and pursued in and in dialogue and cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin.
An independent and autonomous institution, Tanzfabrik Berlin curates and organizes a wide range of activities, including annual event formats and the biennial festival «Tanznacht Berlin» with changing curators, launched in 2000. 
Tanzfabrik Berlin cooperates with numerous other Berlin-based and international actors. It partners the networks TanzRaumBerlin, Tanzcard and Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. to improve communication, information flow, interconnectedness, production, skills, and education in the field of dance. Tanzfabrik Berlin is moreover the shareholder of Uferstudio GmbH. And it provides crucial impetus and devises concepts for the BA course in Dance, Context, Choreography at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin as part of Tanzplan Deutschland, an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. 
In 2019, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Radialsystem embarked on an ongoing cooperation titled «:LOVE:», presenting artists on stage at the Radialsystem to a wide audience each spring. The aim of the cooperation is to make visible and improve the conditions in which Berlin’s dancemakers work and perform beyond the partners’ own institutional boundaries. 

On an international level, Tanzfabrik Berlin joined the European network apap - advancing performing arts projects in 2005, assuming directorship in 2020.