Open Spaces#1-2016


“Open Spaces“, presented by Tanzfabrik Berlin, takes place three times a year and has three main aims: to present various approaches to the art of choreography, to enable interested persons to get insights into continuing processes in individual work, and to encourage participants to discuss current questions in contemporary dance practice.

Tanzfabrik Berlin consciously views “dance” as an extremely broad, diverse concept. Artists explore connections in interpersonal, social, political and physical spaces, include past tendencies in the works they create, and invent new methods and working themes. This is the way they realise projects on stages and other partly public spaces. These projects reflect the theme of their explorations in a palpable manner.

In the first edition of “Open Spaces 2016“ artists will produce interdisciplinary and playful references to the theatre, and to bodily exploration. Current debates will be discussed in round talks: they will articulate and accompany the creation of current choreographies. Looking forward to having you here!