Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Helena Botto

To Carry A Bitter Memory

Performance/Premiere by Ellinor Ljungkvist
In the frame of Open Spaces#1-2016

Bitterness results from an obsessive level of introspection. It is an emotional state of long-term regret that ferments into destructive emotions. It is a burden and a weight one consciously fixates on. While sharing a glass of dry martini, the choreographers Ellinor Ljungkvist and Andrew Wass investigate this fixation. They discuss the different perspectives on bitterness in American and Swedish cultures, reveal sad memories and analyze the habit of returning to them time and time again.

Concept: Ellinor Ljungkvist | Performance: Ellinor Ljungkvist, Andrew Wass | Photography: Helena Botto | A production by Ellinor Ljungkvist, in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, funded by the Swedish Art Grants Committee.

Duration: 30 minutes

So 28.2. Public talk after the performance. Moderation: Martin Nachbar

Ellinor Ljungkvist

Ellinor Kristina Ljungkvist was born in Sweden. At the moment she works as a choreographer and dancer in Scandinavia as well as in Germany and Austria. Ellinor holds a Diploma in Ballet and Contemporary Dance from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and a Bachelor in Arts from Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. She received 2013/14 The Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and in 2015/16 Örebro Dance Grant and a scholarship for international exchange from The Swedish Art Grant Committee, among other scholarships throughout her studies and work. Ellinor´s choreographic work and teaching is known for its combination of contemporary dance and conceptual performance art. She has choreographed mostly solo and duet pieces, but also collaborated with choreographers such as Deufert&Plischke, Mr. Rice & Peanuts and the theatre director Jonas Engman, to mention a few. Right now she is doing a master in choreography at The University of Dance and Circus Stockholm.