Florin Flueras

Florin Flueras plays with the boundaries between art and the world beyond, testing the prevalent conventions and assumptions in both areas. His work expands into the spheres of politics, philosophy, spirituality, health care, education, literature… His art is concerned with transforming works into practices and composing a "method" in a somatic / spiritual format. With Alina Popa he created alternative art environments, artworks as Artworlds (Unsorcery, Clinica, Black Hyperbox). In Postspectacle (initiated with Ion Dumitrescu) he applies contemporary art tools to other zones of reality. In some venues his work appears uninvited – Unofficial Unworks. He often transfers performative approaches from his writing to his artworks and vice versa. Love, Unexperiences, Unimages, Unhere are performed in art and non-art contexts where something else is already happening. Meetings, and temporary zones of possibility, are produced between two types of audiences, attentions, situations, performers, and two levels of performing and experiencing. He explores body situations and capacities that act meta, affecting what underlies the conceptual and perceptual, what it is possible to think, see and feel in different contexts. More than visual or conceptual, he sees his recent practice as affect art.

Ana Libório

Ana Libório is a non-binary artist, dancer and performer that works along the intersection of performance, millenial videogames and visual arts. 
All of their performative work questions the hybrid body as a choreographic-digital representation in an intermodal performative research, thus expanding the scope of performative practice as a strategy of socio-political digital engagement. 
Their practice navigates questions surrounding decolonizing the digital millenial interfaces and decentralizing western ideologies in dance/perfomance making. In regarding choreography as expanded physical experiment that are improvisational, imagistic, they play with body transformations through embodiment. 

Harun Morrison

Harun Morrison is an artist and writer currently living on a narrow boat on Regent’s Canal. Alongside Helen Walker, he co-founded the collective art practice ‘They Are Here’ in 2006. Through this collaboration they explore group dynamics, questions of authorship and politics of visibility. Recent commissions include I’ll Bring You Flowers (2019) Survival Kit 10, Riga, Laughing Matter (2018) at Studio Voltaire, the performance 40 Temps, 8 Days (2017) at Tate Modern and Beacon Garden (2018 - 2020), a commission to co-design and community build a public garden in Dagenham, East London at the invitation of Create London. He has an MA in Critical Writing from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He is former artist-in-residence with Arts Catalyst and previously in residence at IASPIS and Botyrka Konsthall, Stockholm (2018). Most recently his work has been shown at Dakar Biennial, Senegal (2020) and Eastside Projects in Birmingham (2021). Harun has been a visiting lecturer at Central St Martins and Goldsmiths and is associate lecturer for the new studio program Conditions, in Croydon. Since 2019 Harun has been a trustee of the Black Cultural Archive (est.1981).

Dafne Narvaez

Dafne Narvaez Berlfein is an artist & researcher born in Quito, Ecuador. Her artistic and academic practices are based on multi- and interdisciplinary collaborative processes from an intersectional perspective. Through Film, videotape field-recordings, live video captures and modulated interruptions she creates visual interpretations in dialogue with the works of composers*, sound artists* and performers* appropriating analogue technologies from a DIY / DIWO (do it with Others) approach. She has presented works a.o. at Deutsche Oper, Luxembourg Philharmonie, Contemporary Music Festival Huddersfield, Hellerau, Documenta 14, Hebbel am Ufer, HKW/Transmediale & Centro Experimental Teatro Colón. Among her latest works are collaborations with Joanna Bailie, Ute Wassermann, Shanti Suki Osman, Agente Costura and Ian Kaler. Summer 2022 she will be working on her third audiovisual performance alongside composer Hanna Hartman in context of Villa Massimo Residency to be premiered at Festival Roma Europa in November 2022.
She is a guest researcher and lecturer at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her research work focuses on female* artists who produce work in the fields of film, video and sound art, found in less visible and non-institutional contexts and/or that have experienced social and geographical uprooting. Since 2015 she has been presenting her research in the format of the Avantgarde Film Series “Sentimental Punk” at Kotti-Shop Projectspace.
She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Design at the University of Buenos Aires and a Masters of Arts at Institute for Art in Context, Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2013 she lives and works in Berlin.

Video work: https://www.vimeo.com/dafnenarvaez
web: https://www.cargocollective.com/dafnenarvaez
Sentimental Punk Series: http://www.kotti-shop.net/sentimental_punk.html
Research Project: http://proyectoidis.org/