Bits & Pieces Special

In May, participants of the Dance Intensive programme will present a piece that was created under the direction of Breeanne Camille Saxton. 
Dance Intensive is a qualification programme aimed at people who want to orient themselves in the field of dance, continue their education and/or prepare for entrance exams at various national and international training institutes.

a discipline 

"a discipline" is a work that investigates and presents the learning process on stage. The final work will reflect the practice of learning in its use of repetition, frustration, failure, joy, success, and growth. The students of the Dance Intensive will combine their individual goals and interests with those of choreographer Breeanne Saxton to create an amalgamation of effort; in the end we will do our best.
Fri.  27.05.2022  19:00
Sat. 28.05 at 15:00 & at 18:00
Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg  / Studio 1
Admission free
Reservation ↪ schule@tanzfabrik-berlin.de