Bits & Pieces

July 2022

Look at the Mesh We Made

During this two day festival the students of the Dance Intensive will show their own projects as a result of the year long program at Tanzfabrik. The festival will consist of several performance programmes, workshops and the RESTIVAL: a special room created to find rest and recharge.



16:00 Awareness Moves Workshop (more info below)

18:00 Performance Block 1
cat & thistle by Kriss Rulifson with Leftéris Ballatsas, Mei Bao, Ina Guo and Maria Elena Mela Seidenari
CRY, ME by Joost Koster with Anna Chwialkowska and Lena Neuburger
Transient Walls by Leftéris Ballatsas, Zita Baynes, Léa Raulin Briot, Jobina Diez, Tara Farrell

20:00 Performance Block 2
Mother/Earth by Rahel Blume
My Critical Structure by Zita Baynes with Léa Raulin Briot
siblings of the sun by Holger Seidelin and Sasha Sikorskaya
Todlords by Uli Pilwax and Kriss Rulifson


16:00 Performance Block 3

Solo by Miro
Train to Bihac by Mei Bao
it’s my pleasure by Maria Elena Mela Seidenari with Zita Baynes, Kriss Rulifson and Tara Farrell.  ↪ + Aftertalk

18:00 Performance Block 4
Rutsche durch Gehirnwindungen by Lena Neuburger and Raphael Marques Pereira
tanzbar by Sasha Sikorskaya and Nina Maria Wyss
Forschung aktuell by Anna Chwialkowska with Mei Bao, Joost Koster and Maria Elena Mela Seidenari

20:00 Performance Block 5

Sharing is Scaring 2 - the in_sanity edition by Uli Pilwax
Gepäck by Jobina Diez
Who dances? by Léa Raulin Briot with Miro, Zita Baynes and Maria Elena Mela Seidenari

The RESTIVAL will be continuously accessible throughout the festival.

↪ Workshop: Awareness Moves
Meeting Point in front of Tanzfabrik; heading together to Victoriapark.
The visitors* of the workshop will be guided through a non-visual experience. This exercise is inspired by Matan Zamir. Feeling, touching, smelling, listening to the space around. Trusting the person who is taking care and is keeping them safe. Running free. Where lies your focus if not on visuals?  Which energies do you receive through smell? The journey is ending in expressing and sharing lived impressions through movement and dance. Slowly the visitors* are coming back from their experiences into a world full of color. How does it feel to come back? How is it to trust another person? What haptical experience influences the way you move and feel?
Visitors* of the workshop will be experiencing both roles. Taking care and being taken care of. As there might be touch involved, please come tested.
*Visitors who are sighted, for people who are not having the ability to see with eyesight we can offer an alternative exercise.

Sat 02.07. & Sun 03.07.22.

Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg
Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Admission free
Reservation at  ↪ schule@tanzfabrik-berlin.de for the respective performance blocks or the workshop. For this please enter your full name and email address. 

The length of the blocks is about 1 hour, the workshop about 40 minutes. It is only possible to register for complete blocks, not for single performances.