Nora Amin

Nora Amin (she/her) is a choreographer, dancer, theatre director, author and scholar. She is an expert/consultant at LAFT/PAP, advisor to Kuyum Dance Platform and board member of the German Center of the International Theater Institute. Nora Amin holds a PhD in performing arts and cultural policy. Her publications include: “Migrating the Feminine / Weiblichkeit im Aufbruch” (2018), and “Dance of the Persecuted / Tanz der Verfolgten” (2021). She is a co-curator/creator of the MA program “Participation, communities, Activism” at London Contemporary Dance School, The Place. During her residency, Nora Amin will research the following questions: Can community dance transform the gaze towards the female migrant body and its trauma? Can dance offer an opportunity for decolonising a discriminatory gaze towards Women of Colour? Can a marginalised dance form become a healing strategy and a way towards transformance and togetherness? Nora Amin wants to follow a path that blurs the boundaries between community dance and staged dance by allowing non-dancers to contribute to reinventing established forms. 

  1. Workshop S-10 / UnlOcking
  2. Performance UnlOcking (verbum)
  3. Workshop UnlOcking
  4. Workshop Re-Rooting (Waiting list)
  5. Performance Dance of the Persecuted
  6. Performance Baladi Dance from a feminist perspective
  7. Workshop The Transformative Body
Photo: Nora Amin