Lisanne Goodhue

Lisanne Goodhue is a dance artist based between Montpellier and Berlin since 2010. Trained in classical and contemporary dance and visual arts in Montreal, Canada, she has considerable professional experience working in Europe, Asia and Canada. In addition to being a performer for others (Mathilde Monnier, Sebastian Matthias, Julian Webber, Laura Kirshenbaum, Uri Shafir, Rachel Tess, etc.) in various venues and events for many years, she initiates and presents choreographic projects in Europe, in solo, collaborative and interdisciplinary forms between dance and visual art. Her choreographic works were presented in Berlin, Montreal, Sweden, London, and Montpellier. In 2020, she obtained her Master in Choreography at the CCN in Montpellier, Fr. and cofounded the interdisciplinary art collective cohue (Montpellier). Lisanne is a teacher l’Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier) since 2021, and at Tanzfabrik Berlin since 2017.  lisannegoodhue.com

  1. Performance-Projekt The Collective Body
  2. Profitraining Contemporary