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The Collective Body

Performance-Projekt with Lisanne Goodhue, Harumi Terayama

In this performance project, we will observe how we can experience a collective groove. Together, we will develop ways to increase sensitivity towards dancing in duets and in a group. Through movement exploration and improvisation tasks, we will be studying diverse aspects of physical entrainment, observing specific qualities of movement one can find in bars and clubs. We will take the time define our movements vocabulary and strategies to tune in with yourself, and with a group.

Fee: 180 € / red: 160 € / professional dancers: 140 € | Application for the project: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de

Additionally you can join the open contemporary training
The class focuses on getting in touch with the texture of the movement, integrating techniques of ballet, Gyrokinesis, and improvisation. Through movement exploration exercises and guided improvisation, we will observe different actions such as turning, bouncing, jumping, rocking in solo, duet and group. We will be using a variety of pop song tunes and silence in order to catalyze, test and navigate the movement research.

Mo & Wed 18:15-19:45 | Fee: For people joining the performance project: 105 € for the training period during the project / For everybody else: 10x card: 95 € / red.: 90 € / prof.: 75 €

Lisanne Goodhue

Lisanne Goodhue is a dance artist based between Montpellier and Berlin since 2010. Trained in classical and contemporary dance and visual arts in Montreal, Canada, she has considerable professional experience working in Europe, Asia and Canada. In addition to being a performer for others (Mathilde Monnier, Sebastian Matthias, Julian Webber, Laura Kirshenbaum, Uri Shafir, Rachel Tess, etc.) in various venues and events for many years, she initiates and presents choreographic projects in Europe, in solo, collaborative and interdisciplinary forms between dance and visual art. Her choreographic works were presented in Berlin, Montreal, Sweden, London, and Montpellier. In 2020, she obtained her Master in Choreography at the CCN in Montpellier, Fr. and cofounded the interdisciplinary art collective cohue (Montpellier). Lisanne is a teacher l’Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier) since 2021, and at Tanzfabrik Berlin since 2017.  lisannegoodhue.com

Harumi Terayama

Harumi Terayama was born in Osaka, Japan. Currently, she lives in Berlin as a freelance artist. A passion for dance guided her childhood and brought her to the US in 2000. After graduating from Walnut Hill School and The Juilliard School, she danced with many choreographers as a freelance artist and as a member of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York City. In 2012, she joined GöteborgsOperans Danskompani in Sweden. She moved her base to Berlin, Germany in 2014. Parallel to her dance career, video editing became another creative outlet. Her first dance film “Replaced Vision” (Premiered in 2013, Sweden) was selected for various international film festivals. She has collaborated with choreographers and dancers to create videos for visual installations, promotional videos, and documentation. She is also a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer.

Mon + Wed 20:00-22:00
Showing: 12.7.2017 / 21:00
Registration: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de
Phone 030.786 58 61