Johanna Ryynänen

Johanna Ryynänen (she/they) is a Berlin based dancer, performer and choreographer from Finland, who graduated from the BA program “Tanz, Kontext, Choreographie” at HZT Berlin in 2022 and with a “Diploma in Bühnentanz” from Tanzakademie Balance1 in 2018. Her works investigate questions of belonging and intimacy and shapeshifting bodies in relation to Otherness. They are curious about challenging western ideas of individuality without erasing personal histories and perspectives on societal matters. To investigate politics of belonging through the creation of temporary utopian and dystopian worlds where bodies and matters coexist and hierarchies and dynamics are questioned. She welcomes softness as radicality while attempting to give space for unsettlement, friction and atemporality. Much of their artistic work is in a constant flux, situated in liminality, in negotiation of constant becoming and resistance to the definite arrival.