Jones Seitz

Jones Seitz (none or they/them) is a media technician for image and sound (SWR Baden-Baden) and studied Applied Theatre Studies at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen and the Universidade do Porto. In 2018, Jones founded the FLINTA network “Gefährliche Arbeit” together with Rosa Wernecke. In addition to their own artistic research on resistance, in-between spaces and materiality, Jones takes on the lighting and video design of free projects. They have been working on various artistic projects and installations together with Susana Alonso since 2021. Selection of collaborations: Light and video design for ddanddarakim on “History has failed us, but…” (2022), “Like daughter, like mother” (2021) and “Say my name, Say my name” (2019); video design for Simone Dede Ayivi on “Let's just be friends” (2022), “esmalbesserhabenin.de” (online installation, 2022), “Homecooking” (2021), “The kids are alright” (2020), “Solidaritätsstück” (2019) and “QUEENS” (2017); light design for Anne Welenc “Queens” (2023).