Virginnia Krämer aka Ogechi

Virginnia Krämer aka Ogechi (she/her) is a performer, dance facilitator, interdisciplinary artist, and mama. Significant aspects of her work include embodied research, healing practices, and an attempt to use words (spoken and written) as containers for inventories and nuances of these processes. 2022 year Virginnia Krämer was featured in her first solo “auf den weg zu mir/auf den weg zu dir” at the Sophiensälen. She collaborated with Nima Sené on this multimedia, installation-based performance referencing the poem of the same name by Afro-German poet May Ayim. As a co-founding member of the FemBlack Performance Collective, Virginnia was part of Afropolitan's performance residency. She has collaborated as a performer at Kampagel, GropiusBau, Uferstudios, as well as Ballhaus Naunynstraße and Etage, and has directed various projects at the intersection of artistic research and dance education. She is currently curating a decolonial movement laboratory by and for Black adopted people with the support of Dis-Tanz-Solo as well as the #takeheart research funding.

  1. Performance hair pulling (WT)
  2. Performance black future imaginings – CANCELLED