Makisig Akin

Makisig Akin is a queer, transgender Filipino born choreographer, dance artist, facilitator, and activist. They were raised in the Philippines and are currently based in Berlin, Germany. Their work focuses on the recognition of intersectional identities, reconnecting with their ancestry, and decentralizing Western ideologies in dance making. They hold an MFA in Dance from UCLA. Their training includes Filipino Traditional Dance, Contact Improvisation, Kung Fu, Improvisation, walking meditation, Authentic Movement, Bouldering/Climbing, and Contemporary Dance. They examine how survival strategies can be translated into a communal physical practice, which they then use as a catalyst to a creative healing process. Akin´s work has recently been supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste and DISTANZEN. 

  1. Performance Emerging Change
  2. Workshop Grief is a Part of the Dance
  3. Performance Long & Wild
Photo: Tony Stewart