David Bloom

David Bloom is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, father, filmmaker, bodyworker, pianist, and fermenting Jewish mystic. Graduated from the M.A. Choreography course at HZT Berlin, danceWEB scholarship in 2012. David teaches in many contexts, including HZT Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Human Architecture Lab in St. Petersburg, K3 in Hamburg, the Masters of Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt, the Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam, & the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. More info at:  davidbloom.info

  1. Kurs Piano accompaniment
  2. Performance Naming it
  3. Performance-Projekt Desire - on Intimacy in Process and Performance (fully booked)
  4. Kurs Finding the Most Open Question
  5. Performance Alles Vergängliche
  6. Performance Alles Vergängliche
  7. Performance-Projekt My Lovers, Human & Beyond
  8. Workshop Facilitating, Teaching, Holding Space
  9. Performance nigunim