Arantxa Martínez

Arantxa Martínez is a Berlin based artist, her work focuses on processes of identification, exchange and dependence between the body and its environment and questions performativity in relation to these processes. Some of her recent works are «Avant-Garten» (2017) and «This is Not Normal» (2021) with Juan Domínguez, as well as «Medusa Rise» (2019), and «From Behind All Over» (2022). As a performer she works with artists such as Thiago Granato, Kate McIntosch, Eszter Salamon, Sabine Zahn, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Alice Chauchat, Paz Rojo, Antonia Baehr, Deborah Hay, María Jerez, Petra Sabisch, Cullberg Ballet, Isabelle Schad or Velma, among others. Since 2015 she teaches regularly at the Stockholm University of the Arts  and Madrid (Máster en Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual).

  1. Performance Très bien éclairé
  2. Performance This Is still Not Normal
Photo: Constanze Flamme