Radialsystem Stage
Photo: Juan Dominguez

Rhythm Is The Place

Performance · Premiere by Juan Domínguez
In the frame of :Love:

Choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Juan Domínguez celebrates the world premiere of his new piece "Rhythm Is The Place" in mid-February. His dance performance experiments with our perception of time, duration and rhythm, and explores the social potential generated through the live moment of a performance. Employing traditional methods of dance and choreographed movements of the body, Domínguez manipulates the audience's perception of space and time. 

The performance is presented as part of the collaboration :LOVE:  between Tanzfabrik and Radialsystem presented in Radialsystem’s spaces. The initiative "Radialsystem ♥ Tanzfabrik" fosters cooperation between the two institutions specifically to improve the conditions of presentation by dancemakers.

Juan Domínguez

Juan Domínguez is a conceptual clown, magical cowboy, model-poet, untied narrator and curator of pleasure. As a maker and organizer within the fields of choreography and performing arts his work explores the relationship between different codes and advocates the complete dissolution between fiction and reality. He is also working on the idea of co-authorship between all the agents involved in a live aesthetic experience. Some of his recent works are «My Only Memory» (2018), «Tálamo» (2020), «Between you and me» (2020) with Amalia Fernández, «This is Not Normal» (2021) and «This Is still Not Normal» (2022) with Arantxa Martínez. Over the past two decades, Domínguez has curated various artistic programmes and festivals like In-Presentable (2003-2012), Living Room Festival (2011-2017) Picnic Sessions (2013-2015) among others.
Tickets: Pay as you can (10€ / 15€ / 20€ / 25€)
Concept & Director: Juan Domínguez
Performance: Juan Dominguez, Jaime Llopis 
Artistic Companion: Arantxa Martínez, Julia Rodríguez 
Light & Design: Catalina Fernández 
Sound Design: Carola Caggiano
Costume: Jorge Dutor 
Production Manager: Annika Stadler 
A production by Juan Domínguez. Co-produced by kunstcentrum BUDA Kortrijk, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Radialsystem, with the support of Espace Pasolini Valenciennes. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, Exberliner and Rausgegangen.


Jaime Llopis
graduated in Drama at ESAD (Valencia), he studied dance and choreography in EDDC (Arnhem). Currently studying Philosophy at UNED, he has lived in Brussels from 2003, where he graduated in a.pass postmaster program, and where he combines his work as a performer and as a choreographer. His artistic research focuses on the dancing body as a hinge between ways of doing and perceptive patterns.

Jorge Dutor works as a set designer, lighting and costume designer in film, theater and television. In 2009 I wanted to take a sabbatical, but I met Guillem Mont de Palol and stopped being behind the camera to create with him our own stage pieces and perform them. Since then, under the name of Mont de Dutor, Guillem and I have premiered a dozen plays in theaters, art centers and festivals in Europe and Latin America. My researches are circumvented by the M-50 of disciplines. I raise possibilities that are not questioned from the centers but from the peripheries. And my great interest is the communication between the spectator and what is on stage, understanding the scene as a channel. I enjoy if I light a fuse. Guided by intuition and the need to dialogue with other artists, I participate in collective creative processes such as Juan Rodrigáñez's films Derechos del hombre and El complejo del dinero. Der geldkomplex, which was presented at the Berlinale in 2015 and now we are preparing the script for Los Erizos. Right now immersed with Guillem in the exciting universe of Movimiento Autóctono.

Julia Rodríguez is a mexican-born artist and lives and works in Berlin. Her work is situated within the performing arts field and unfolds in various environments and constellations as a choreographer, performer and artistic companion. Her work explores how to defamiliarize from the well-known by weaving imaginaries, languages and temporalities where judgement and the politics of expectations don’t fully operate and in which spectatorship can be in a dynamic process. Her latest works «Later» (2018), «By the time you see this it will be gone» (2019) und «T H E B A R» (2020) have been presented in Berlin, Estonia, Copenhagen and Mexico City.

Arantxa Martínez is a Berlin based artist, her work focuses on processes of identification, exchange and dependence between the body and its environment and questions performativity in relation to these processes. Some of her recent works are «Avant-Garten» (2017) and «This is Not Normal» (2021) with Juan Domínguez, as well as «Medusa Rise» (2019), and «From Behind All Over» (2022). As a performer she works with artists such as Thiago Granato, Kate McIntosch, Eszter Salamon, Sabine Zahn, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Alice Chauchat, Paz Rojo, Antonia Baehr, Deborah Hay, María Jerez, Petra Sabisch, Cullberg Ballet, Isabelle Schad or Velma, among others. Since 2015 she teaches regularly at the Stockholm University of the Arts  and Madrid (Máster en Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual).