Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: HeShaoHui

I seem to be a Verb

Workshop with Chris Aiken, Ray Chung
In the frame of Herbst Tanz 2018

Who or what am I when I dance? Am I what I experience? This workshop is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the practice of learning, making and exploring improvisational dance. Drawing on many years of performing dance improvisation and Contact Improvisation, Chris Aiken and Ray Chung will offer specific compositional and technical exercises that are designed to support embodied dancing, compositional awareness and choice making. We will consider how action, perception and imagination are at play as we explore our poetic sensibilities through movement and touch. We will strive for moments of complete absorption in the task of solo, duet and ensemble improvisation.

Chris Aiken

Chris Aiken is an internationally recognized teacher and performer of dance improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Over the past two and a half decades his work has evolved through ongoing investigations of performance, movement, perception and design. His work has significantly been influenced by his study of the Alexander Technique, bodywork, ideokinesis, fascia research, and ecological psychology and his collaborative work with Angie Hauser, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung and Jörg Hassmann, amongst others. Chris is an Associate Professor and the MFA Director of dance at Smith College in Northampton Massachusetts.

Ray Chung

Ray Chung is a performer, teacher, engineer, who has a passion for dancing which he likes to share with other people. His main focus is improvisation and he has worked with Contact Improvisation since 1979 as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. Ray has worked with the leading proponents of Contact Improvisation including Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Peter Bingham, Chris Aiken, Andrew Harwood, and regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists. His work has been featured at numerous national and international festivals and venues, and has performed in works directed by Anna Halprin, Judith Kajiwara, and George Coates Performance Works.

Level: With movement experience

Language: English