Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: The Place Prize, n.n.

S-09 / Contact Improvisation in Sound

Workshop with Rick Nodine, Jamie McCarthy
In the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2018

Rick’s warm-up mixes improvisational and somatic approaches with set movement material to articulate the soft athletics and multidirectional awareness of Contact Improvisation (CI) in solo movement. Taking responsibility for one’s own weight within one’s own dancing allows CI to be a meeting place for two articulate bodies. Improvisation and set exercises, pedestrian movement and virtuosic dancing will frame a range of explorations - from the slow and meditative to the vigorous and acrobatic. Jamie McCarthy's music and sounds for Rick's class create elevating environments and architectures to move within; shaping the flow of energy in the space in a dynamic, improvisa- tional relationship with the dancers. The sessions will also give a particular focus on awareness of the relationship between sound and movement in improvisation.

Unfortunately this studio is not wheelchair accessible.

Rick Nodine

Rick Nodine (UK) began dancing socially and the first technical form to channel his enthusiasm was Contact Improvisation. He performed through the 90's for British Contemporary dance companies. He started teaching CI at London Contemporary Dance School in 2001, expanding his teaching range to now include composition, performance and voice/movement techniques. As a choreographer Nodine has made work for many contexts, including major Opera houses, small theatres, art galleries, text based theatre, touring dance companies and warehouse parties. As guest teacher Rick has taught in over 30 cities in 11 different countries and has led company class for many companies including Rambert Dance Company, Punchdrunk and DV8.

Jamie McCarthy

Jamie McCarthy (UK) studied music and composition with the composer Gavin Bryars and has worked for many years performing and composing music in a wide variety of situations with a primary focus on music for dance, cross-artform work and collaboration. He has for many years taught music and voice at London Contemporary Dance School and was also lucky enough to spend seven joyful years touring the world as a violinist with Queer Canadian Band the Hidden Cameras.

Level: Movement Experience
In English