Uferstudios 13
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin

S-05 / Show up

Workshop with Anna Nowicka
In the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2018

The work will focus on expanding awareness of the body, giving voice to it's different layers, weaving imagery landscapes and textured realities through movement. We will zigzag between real and imagined, between doing and observing, expanding an awareness of the endless flow of impulses, recognizing one’s own inherent power to choose which one to follow, form and embody. We will create from a restful place of listening. By ‘shifting the eye’ simultaneously within and outside oneself, one notices the focus of attention. In following it, engaging with it and expanding it through the body, we will discover and work with the creative potential of every moment. The practice aims at unfolding the body into a resourceful, multi-layered, ever flowing, response-able entity, available to the continuous emergence of sensations, feelings and images, attending to what currently is.

Wheelchair accessible studio.

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka is a dance maker and a Saphire® practitioner, weaving her artistic research out of imagery work, dreaming principles, and attentive embodiment. She is expanding this kaleidoscopic approach during her PhD studies at the Polish Film School in Łódź. Anna’s work has been recognized with the DAAD Prize, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, and Tanzstipendium from the city of Berlin. This is only possible through the continuous production support from the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. Anna taught a.o. for Meg Stuart, at Tanzfabrik, SMASH Berlin, HZT Berlin and at the Alternative Academy of Dance in the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań.  www.annanowicka.com

Level: Movement experience
In English