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Möckernstr. 68
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Photo: Anke Heidenreich


Kurs with Katja Münker

Awareness through Movement

Feldenkrais Method is a gentle movement- and perception-practice rooted in developmental movements, Judo, and daily life movements. Although it is based on movement and despite its amazing effects on individual movement ability, it is not gymnastics. Way more the Feldenkrais Method is a way to learn learning. It facilitates access to unused capacities of the brain, and by that it enables learning and development as a whole being. The practice supports the ability to understand and change movement-organization-habits and stimulates ease, effortlessness, choices, skillfulness, and joy. Within instable and challenging times of social distancing and living with the restrictions during Covid-19-pandemia the Feldenkrais practice can foster regeneration, best possible self-organization, calmness, and trust to stay healthy in a wider sense. The classes are led verbally, practiced in self-reference, and do not require a big space. Therefor it can easily be facilitated online and yet create deep experiential spaces. The class is open to all level and taught in English. Katja offers additional 15 min verbal exchange after each class for everyone who is interested.

Katja Münker

Katja Münker is a choreographer/performer, artistic researcher, Feldenkrais practitioner, mountain hiking guide & walking artist in Berlin. She is professionally trained in physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Method, contemporary dance studies, (contact-) improvisation and instant composition. She has worked as educational director of somatic training-programs such as Environmental Somatics Training and the somatic dance and performance training EMERGE at Somatic Academy Berlin. Her artistic works and collaborative performance projects have included performative walks, somatic and artistic research, conference contributions and publications on the interconnectedness of choreographic and somatic practices, as well as on walking as an artistic practice, and embodied understanding and agency.  She conducts regular teaching activities, including at UdK Berlin, HZT Berlin and HafenCityUniversität Hamburg. She has collaborated on artistic research and projects with partners including Alex Arteaga, AREAL_artistic research lab Berlin, Gabriele Brandstetter, Amos Hetz, Ingo Reulecke and Martin Nachbar, and co-curated the Take Us for a Walk symposium (2014) & BODY IQ Festival (2015-2017).