Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Gianniero Cavalcante


Kurs with Victor Gonzalez, Amr Karkout

We start the class with softly connecting with each other and with the space. We continue with slow exercises on the floor, opening the body joints, making the body accessible. The class builds up easily, slowly getting into real motion. Through out different movement sequences, we will soften the body to then take the space sliding, rolling and finding diverse ways to get up and then back down into the floor. It´s perfect for people looking for an energetic and refreshing evening. In this class you will strengthen your body, and at the same time move with fluidity and speed.

Victor Gonzalez

Victor, born in the south of Chile, studied circus and contemporary dance in the capital Santiago. There he started his career as a freelance dancer and got the opportunity to perform and work with important choreographers of the country. In 2016, Victor moved to Europe and has since been living in Germany and Italy. He continued his studies in contemporary dance and found, and still finds, new opportunities to develop. Far from his home country, he discovered the importance of his cultural heritage and started to explore immigration, queer, feminism and colonialism in choreography, improvisation and the quality of movement. Since then he has been working as a freelance dancer in various productions. In addition, he teaches Pilates and contemporary dance with elements from circus, Pilates and Afro-Latin American dances, which have an influence on his classes and creations.

Amr Karkout

My name is Amr Karkout, and I am a dancer based in Berlin, originally from Damascus, Syria. I have worked with various ensembles and places such as Sasha Waltz and Guests, Romeo Castelluci, Battery Dance, Modjgan Hashemian, 123 o collective, and Chaos Emblematic Ensemble. My artistic approach revolves around the body, imagination, fantasy, and thoughts. As a dance teacher, my focus is to merge different techniques and methods to create a fresh approach. I aim to combine my technical knowledge in contemporary dance, ballroom dance, tango, salsa dance, and acrobatic floor work to explore new ways of moving and embracing improvisation. My priority is to explore new possibilities and break traditional boundaries in dance to create a unique and individual style of performance. Overall, my artistic journey encompasses a blend of technical expertise, improvisation, and experimentation, enabling me to push the boundaries of movement and express my creative vision.