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Photo: Kasparas Vidūnas


Performance-Projekt with Rosalind Masson, Moss Beynon Juckes

MORPH is the title for this performance project led by Rosalind Masson and Moss Beyond Juckes. A sympoetic social choreography through participation in a set of instructions or ’score’. This compositional structure invites participants to engage in respectful and playful ways through individual embodiment of movement and voice, mimicry and dramaturgical self-editing within a group compositional context. During the MORPH score, participants are encouraged to delve into and communicate with the more than human aspects of themselves in communication with their fellow performers and the audience. The vehicle for this exploration is through body and voice. The parameter of the MORPH score holds the space for deep exploration of the physical and performative aspects of self as a holobiont, a community of microorganisms within one body, amongst other bodies subject to an ever-shifting paradigm of poly species evolution within a collective environment.

Additionally there is a Contemporary class with Moss  and Rosalind from 08.01.–14.02.2024  | Mon & Wed 18:15-19:45
Moss and Rosalind lead the open contemporary class in conjunction with the MORPH performance project. The focus is on working with the breath, voice and body and how we can explore a variety of relationships with ourselves, each other, the environment and perhaps the universe. In each class we draw from a range of experimental somatic and vocal methods such as time-based practices, mapping the body, Qi Gong, Extended Vocal Technique, Release Technique, Consent Games, Fitness Cardio, Contact Games, Performance Personas. In addition, we explore the different states of the body as we evolve from cell to amoeba to humanoid.

Rosalind Masson

Rosalind Masson is a dancer and choreographer born in Glasgow with an MSc in Media Art from DJCAD. Her own company Anima(l)[us] has produced over ten live works and eight works for screen which have been exhibited and toured internationally. For her work, she has received co-production funding from Tramway, Glasgow, Creative Scotland, Hellerau European Centre for the Arts and Tanzpakt, Germany. She has been a recipient twice of Dis-Tanz-Solo funding from Dachverband Tanz for her choreographic research as well as #Take Heart residency funding from NEU START KULTUR supported by Hellerau European Centre for Arts. She has collaborated across media in a visual art, rock, pop and folk music context as well as dancing with Laborgras since 2014. In 2019, she co-founded Neisse Centre for Contemporary Art in Saxony. www.rosalindmasson.com

Moss Beynon Juckes

Moss Beynon Juckes is a multidisciplinary dance artist, composer and somatics facilitator born in Sydney. Moss was awarded NEUSTART KULTUR, Fonds Darstellende Kulturen, #Take Care funding and DIS-TANZEN support for her research solo project Strange Speech . #Take Heart supported collaborative research on Embodiment Practices for Storying Otherwise and PSR foundation supported her collaborative practices during Ela Spalding's Suelo Methodology. Queer ecology and embodied environmentalism are in focus. This year she was awarded the coproduction fund from the Goethe Institute Cairo with choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry for a two year project called Fertile Presence to premiere in 2024 . She has participated in the work of Tino Sehgal since 2012 and has worked many artists including Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Sheena McGradles, Michael Portnoy, Nwando Ebizie. mossbeynonjuckes.com
Level: Movement experience
Showing: 14.02.2024 / 21:00
In English
Fee: 200 € / red.: 180 € / professional dancers: 160 €
Combi price with the contemporary class before the project: 290€ / red.: 270€ / professional dancers: 250€
Phone 030.786 58 61

EN | starts 08.01.