Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

with movement experience

Dance Practice

Kurs with Mov*ed Initiative

How can we make a dance practice also a research practice? How do we become our own anatomists, somatic expert or experiential scientist? How do we move and train our bodies with increased agency? 

You can expect partner work, theory, solo practice, improvisation, movement patterns and the joy of dancing. Let’s roll, crawl, walk, jump, lift, hang, fly and fall together. 

This dance class sources methodologies and tools from the knowledge pool of the Axis Syllabus as well as integrates the various and different backgrounds of the individual teachers.  

Who teaches when:
17.01. ↪ Marianne 
24.01.↪ Diana
31.01. ↪ Antoine
07.02. ↪ Diana
14.02. ↪ Kira
21.02. ↪ Diana
28.02. ↪ Filippo
06.03. ↪ Filippo
13.03. ↪ Diana/Marianne
20.03. ↪ Kira 
27.03. ↪ tba
↪ Antoine Ragot
Antoine has a passion for movement and contact improvisation. He is able to bring people in his worlds of wonder looking at the human body. Easy to reach and communicate with, Antoine enjoys particularly group situations with a sense of relaxed atmosphere, and a shared curiosity.

↪ Diana Thielen
Diana's teaching, improvising and choreographing activates political questions in bodies and spaces. They really like it when diverse bodies of knowledge influence each other and a creative mess emerges.They’re immersed in several communities in Berlin because moving, accountable and queer-feminist spaces matter to Diana: whether it’s their child's self-organized KiTa or a queer-feminist artist collective.

↪ Filippo Serra
Filippo is a martial artist, university master graduated sport scientist, former boy-scout, fitness and cross-training advocate and mildly excited opera performer. He loves to be a dancer when he finds good friends or tutors to dance with. He lifts and swings weights mainly alone. One of his remarkable qualities is his ability to infuse humor into any situation, even the most challenging ones. Driven by curiosity, Filippo constantly seeks to unravel the intricate connections that exist between his various movement practices and different aspects of life

↪ Kira Kirsch
Kira Kirsch is a dance artist, educator, and researcher who wears multiple hats, including being a mother and a dreamer. With a passion for building community and fostering collaborative research, Kira operates at the intersection of art, science, and transmission. She likes to investigate the generative potential of conflict and actively works towards shifting paradigms and effecting positive change.

↪ Marianne Linder
Marianne has a precise and clear way of teaching. With her gentle and caring manner, her teaching is characterized by a fine but no less powerful and challenging dance language. She sees particular value in practicing one´s own ability to sense. Through that she believes one develops trust, presence and agency in and with movement. She has studied dance and social work and works in both fields.

Mov*ed Initiative

We have known each other for a long time. We all met at various Axis Syllabus events in Europe. Since then, we have been engaged in developing mutual support. We continue to inform each other’s research and process oriented dance and movement practices. Today, we are connected by Berlin as a place to live and work. We, that is: Diana Thielen, Marianne Linder, Antoine Ragot, Kira Kirsch, Flippo Serra.