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Afro Expression Dance

Kurs with Michael Kaddu , Aissetou Jaiteh

My African dance lesson will be a journey through the former Mandeng empire.  We will dance traditional West African rhythms in a modern key.  An  overview between the basics and the innovation that this culture brings with it.  Our journey will take us to territories such as Guinea, Mali, Gambia and Burkina Faso.
Bare feet and strong vibrations will drag us along and accompany us on our journey to discover this extraordinary and rich culture, made up of many interesting nuances.

Michael Kaddu replaces Aissetou Jaiteh in March

Michael Kaddu

As a Ugandan dance artist Michael has a strong base in Ugandan traditional dances and tribal spiritual practices. His interest lies on deconstructing movements to let the body create and transfer information, secrets, and rhythms to build up the body's own movement vocabulary. Michael has a decade and a half of experience in performing and teaching dance. 

Aissetou Jaiteh

Aissetou Jaiteh was born in Palermo on 05.05.1988. She began her African dance passion as a child thanks to her mother. Her academic career began when she was only 11 years old, in 2000 at the Zumbì school of Afro-Brazilian culture. She participated in several stages with famous names in Afro-Brazilian dance such as Mestre King (Raimundo Bisbo Do Santos), the teacher Ninh.  Along with the African dance she matured the passion for Brazilian culture , Afro Brazilian drums and percussions  and the capoeira as a martial art which she practiced for eight years.  Until 2010 she studies and discovered the roots of the dance as a cultural pillar for west and east Africa . From 2010 she began her master studies with international teachers such as Gerard Diby Yama Wade, Ousman Toure, Bifalou Kuyate and Sourakata Diubate, with whom she studied traditional dances. This path of research into tradition led her to embark on her first journey to discover her origins with the residential stage in Senegal with Yama Wade. In 2019, she promoted the organisation of several afro dance festivals in sicily with the aim to raise awareness for culture and African roots.