Kreuzberg 2
Möckernstr. 68
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Fluid Dynamics Moveable Cinema Dance & Movement Lab

Kurs with Collective Guidance

A laboratory for dance and movement exploration led by a collective of embodied practitioners and artists; Philipp Hege, Iokasti Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou, Tarli Lumby and Claudia Tomasi. Their common ground is the practice of Shannon Cooney’s Moveable Cinema and Dynamic Expansion, mixed with their own in-depth experience in dance performance, dance movement and pedagogy. Exercises are led with scored proposals, and through experimentation one can find their own dance and movement pathways and expression. Focus is on autonomous movement research as well as through pairing and group dances. Space is given for feedback which supports the Laboratory and experimental nature.

Collective Guidance

Philipp Hege is a writer, educator and dancer.  In 2011 he took his first "Moveable Cinema" class and has followed the practice since then. He shares his learnings in movement and proprioception to non-dancers and dancers. Alongside this he works as a pedagogue for young people in a Hort in Berlin.

Iokasti Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou is a non-binary dance artist, performer, drag freak and pedagogue from Greece. Holding a BA in Anthropology and History and an MA in Cultural Management. Iokasti studied Contemporary Dance at ZZT Cologne and Etage Berlin. Their work has been presented at Tanzkongress Mainz, National School of Arts in Athens, L’Usine Geneva and Uferstudios Berlin. They have been collaborated with and danced for different artists, such as Hanna Schaich, Kosmas Kosmopoulos,Vassilina Megla, Dominique Tegho, Tchi Vett etc . Since the last eleven years, next to their artistic practices, they are present in activist groups between Athens, Mytilene and Berlin, where they engage in building up queer feminist self-organised places and solidarity art events. Regarding their artistic practice, they are interested in stages of urgency, transformative practices through counter- memory spells, technologies of movement by the nonhuman and mapping queer survival strategies. They are teaching dance and somatic practices for children and adults.

Tarlie Lumby is a dance artist and performer based in Berlin. Awarded a BA in Art and Visual Culture in 2017 at UWE, Bristol, they have continued to research and develop an interdisciplinary dance practise creating performances across Berlin and the UK. They are also pursuing training in grief tending and body work.

Claudia Tomasi is a Dancer and choreographer. She obtained in 2013 her BA at the HZT Berlin. She has been studying visionary craniosacral work at the Milne Institute since 2017. Great influence and inspiration on her work have, among others, the mountains, Deborah Hay, Shannon Cooney, Isabelle Schad, Francesca Pedulla, Frey Faust (AxisSyllabus) and recently the encounter with Sonja Emilia Rainbow. Since 2007 she has been working both on her own pieces and in various collaborations as a performer and artistic assistant for other choreographers and artists. Recently she is working on the mediation of movement and experimenting with different formats.