Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Heinrich Pente


Long durational Performance-Installation by jee chan, stefan pente
In the frame of Fold – Intersecting Memories

«mut»  is a long durational performance installation by choreographer Jee Chan and artist Stefan Pente that explores the porosity and mutability of the collectivity of memories. 

The work found its point of departure in conversations with Evelina Pente about elements of Jee Chan's work «harbor», which she witnessed last autumn as a work-in-process version. Watching recordings of Jee's grandmother recounting her memories, Evelina Pente felt reminded of and re-located images and episodes from her own past. 

For «mut», Evelina shares with us stories of her escape from war as a young child, which in turn translate to our own imaginations, refracted through the lens of our own experiences. Fragmentary and dissonant, these landscapes of memory take shape like composite maps mapping meandering topographies of living and dying in a senseless world. 

«mut» finds its form in an installative space where the fluid and cyclical nature of memory manifests itself.

jee chan

jee chan is an artist and choreographer whose practices make visible the significant but obscure (big and true, just beneath the surface). Paying attention to how histories settle and sediment in the body, they navigate questions concerning the displaced body and what it can perform. Regarding choreography as an expanded formal proposition, they work with a range of media including performance, video, installation, text, and photography.

stefan pente

stefan pente born 1964 in zürich, switzerland, became a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in the mid-80s, studied art in the 90s and is based in berlin since 1995. She views art as a system of actions intended to change / make worlds rather than encode symbolic or semiotic propositions about it. He uses sculpture, painting, installation, sometimes performance and video to create situations where she can see things as they are and not as what he thinks to know them to be.
Admission free
Open 03pm–09pm
Concept, choreography, installation: Jee Chan and Stefan Pente | In performance with: Evelina Pente | Technical direction: Martin Pilz | Installation assistance: Toni Flügel

Developed in co-production with Tanzfabrik Berlin and Tanzarchiv Berlin | «mut» is part of the project Archiv-Kompliz*innen – TanzArchive in Bewegung of Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin (ztb) e.V.  | Supported by Bureau Ritter/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, dance assistance program.


Evelina Pente is a former social worker and gardener. born 1938 in striegau, former niederschlesien, now strzegom, poland. she fled 1944 and 1945, first to berlin then to dortmund. moved 1964 to zurich, then 2018 to berlin.