Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Almudena Soullard


Kurs with Dakota Comín

Body Stories: Generative Tension or Devine Desire

From physical and somatic tasks we will reveal together a body full of possibilities: a body that builds, collapses and transforms through decisions and trajectories. This body is a never-finished structure, a multidirectional device that exists between its memories and desires, in infinite tension with its environment. Through this practice I invite you to question the physical and sensitive hierarchies of the body, unfolding its ultimate desire and drive. We will travel under the skin, we will share memories and create new ones. We will unfold desires and make poetry together, working in different constellations and moving as interdependent bodies and universes. We will build together a space full of possibilities. This practice is the outcome of my personal and artistic research, influenced by somatic practices, fascial therapies, neuroscience and post-natural studies.

Dakota Comín

Dakota Comín (she/her) is a performer and dance maker based in Berlin. As a performer she collaborates with different choreographers and artists like Natalia Fernandes, Mårten Spånberg, Mey-ling Bisogno, Maite Larañeta, Marlon Barrios, Marcela Giesche or Sylvia Kruidenier. Since 2019 she is working on her own movement and choreographic practice, under the idea of PARADISE. She has taken her work to Prague, Nürnberg, Madrid, Berlin and Valencia so far. Her lates work is NICER, a group piece funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste of Germany. She is also part of the immediate poetry and dance group IN AN INSTANT. Her practice revolves between somatic practices, phenomenology, neuroscience and post-natural studies. Understanding the body as a device full of possibilities, she conceives choreography and movement as tools to create new worlds through the body, where the body can explore the infinite possibilities of imagination and worldmaking. Lately she has been specially busy with the idea of sustainable coexistence and the understanding of Nature in her personal and artistic practices.