Wedding (Panke) & Uferstudio 4 Stage
Photo: Salvatore Insana

Home Altrove #Berlin

Performance · Premiere by Daniele Albanese – Compagnia Stalker
In the frame of Fold – Into The City

"Home Altrove #Berlin" is a site-specific performance in dialogue with the city of Berlin. The work explores the idea that the inner life of any performance can be considered a home in the sense of a personal, functional or emotional archive.
As our perception of "home" has been much altered by the events of recent years, the project also addresses the fragility of our current circumstances by raising a seemingly simple question: What is home these days?

"Home Altrove #Berlin" is a two-part performance, with one part taking place outdoors in the neighboring area of Wedding and one part taking place indoors at Uferstudios. The interplay between the performer, the audience and the indoor/outdoor landscapes stimulates a shift in perception: The concept of home as a domestic space begins to tip towards a concept of home as a language.

If you have questions about accessibility, feel free to contact Juan Harcha by email at: harcha@tanzfabrik-berlin.de or by phone: 030-200 592 70.

Daniele Albanese – Compagnia Stalker

Daniele Albanese is a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Italy and Berlin. After training as a gymnast and ballet dancer, he graduated from EDDC in Arnhem NL and studied with several leading protagonists of postmodern dance. While developing his own work as an independent author, since 1995 he has collaborated with many renowned artists including Benoît Lachambre, Nigel Charnock, Jennifer Lacey, Eva Karczag, and Peter Pleyer, and presented his work at several international festivals and theatres.
Meeting point: Uferstudios, at Heizhaus
Part One: 15 minutes (Wedding, Panke)
Part Two: 45 minutes (Uferstudio 4)

Tickets: pay what you can (10€ / 15€ / 20€ / 25€)  
Choreography: Daniele Albanese | Voice: Eva Karczag | Video: Salvatore Insana | Light design: Alessio Guerra | Sound: Daniela Cattivelli | Techinique: Andrea Parolin | Dramaturgy: Francesca Divano | Production management: Francesca Spisto
Production: Associazione Gruppo Nanou with the support of MIC - Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo/Direzione generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo, Regione Emilia Romagna, ResiDance XL - luoghi e progetti di residenza per creazioni coreografiche, Teatro il Lavatoio Santarcangelo, Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia Castiglioncello - CapoTrave/Kilowatt Sansepolcro), ACS Abruzzo
Supported by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ - STEPPING OUT funded by the Minister of State for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance