Alexanderplatz Stage
Photo: Constanze Flamme

Into dwelling #2

Choreographic Study · Wiederaufnahme by Sabine Zahn
In the frame of Fold – Into The City

“To dwell” means both to inhabit and to linger, stay, settle, or live. The study “Into Dwelling #2” explores choreographic forms of access to habitation as a temporary and sensory, physical process. This one-hour movement session around Alexanderplatz seeks to open possibilities for habitation with embodied activity and create personal spaces in the middle of the complexly dynamic centre of Berlin. 

Habitability, we believe, is not only ensured in architecturally and socio-politically regulated spaces but can also be generated by the careful weaving of personal and interpersonal processes, enabling new, though microscopically tiny, urban realities to unfold. 

The choreography “Into dwelling #2” creates the conditions for these minimal interventions. Participants are invited to provisionally occupy subtle situations and movements.  
Please note
As part of the choreographic study, we will be filming on 16.09 and taking photos on 17.09.

If you have questions about accessibility, feel free to contact Juan Harcha by email at: harcha@tanzfabrik-berlin.de or by phone: 030-200 592 70.

Sabine Zahn

Sabine Zahn (Berlin) investigates choreographic strategies for expanding the way urbanity and urban space can be lived, expressed, and transformed. Her practice as a choreographer focuses on establishing an individual environment within a wider practical, discursive, and artistic field spanning urbanism, choreography, and life. She works on performances, publications, and research projects such as Stadterweitern and strives for a transdisciplinary approach. Through numerous grants she has had the opportunity to explore the physical tactics of everyday navigation in various places, including the Colombian city of Medellín. Sabine is part of AREAL – artistic research lab Berlin and Fellow of the THIRD program at DAS Graduate School Amsterdam.
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: pay what you can (10€ / 15€ / 20€ / 25€)
The detailed address will be sent with the confirmation.
Concept, realisation: Sabine Zahn | Performance, realisation: Arantxa Martinez, Alice Chauchat, Daniel Belasco Rogers | Video documentation: Andrea Keiz | Photo documentation: Constanze Flamme | Research design: Benoit Verjat | Production: Saskia Schoenmaker | Assistance: Lena Duespohl

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Support Programme Dance. With the kind support of STADTWERKSTATT/ Senat für Bau und Wohnen.


Daniel Belasco Rogers is one half of the performance duo plan b which he created with his partner Sophia New. plan b's work encompasses performance, installation, participatory situations, audio, new media and fine art. Daniel and Sophia are working on a lifelong project of recording everywhere they go with GPS. Daniel also regularly collaborates with the choreographer Sabine Zahn and the performance collective She She Pop. He is currently a guest professor at the University of the Arts Berlin. https://planbperformance.net

Arantxa Martínez is a Berlin based artist, her work focuses on processes of identification, exchange and dependence between the body and its environment and questions performativity in relation to these processes. Some of her recent works are «Avant-Garten» (2017) and «This is Not Normal» (2021) with Juan Domínguez, as well as «Medusa Rise» (2019), and «From Behind All Over» (2022). As a performer she works with artists such as Thiago Granato, Kate McIntosch, Eszter Salamon, Sabine Zahn, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Alice Chauchat, Paz Rojo, Antonia Baehr, Deborah Hay, María Jerez, Petra Sabisch, Cullberg Ballet, Isabelle Schad or Velma, among others. Since 2015 she teaches regularly at the Stockholm University of the Arts  and Madrid (Máster en Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual).
As a choreographer, dancer, teacher, Alice Chauchat studies ethics of intimacy and alterity. She developed set-ups for knowledge production and exchange in the performing arts, directed an arts centre, and taught many many people. She lives in Berlin.