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Kurs with Nadine Freisleben, Ahmed Soura

The class focuses on the natural and instinctive movement repertoire of the individual body. We explore the abilities of the body and the mind to move in a non-regimented space and try to free ourselves from physical and psychological automatisms and evaluations. Dance elements from AfroContemporary have a great influence on the technique. The body is organized, structured and connected to its environment and in space by its weight. Starting from the base, the feet on the floor, to the top, the head in the clouds, we loosen the spine and neck to find permeability and awareness throughout the body. After the exercises become more physical and dynamic, following an energetic structure thus strengthening the deep muscles. This class is a mixture of western contemporary dance, dance acrobatics, floor work, pop and dance elements from Nigerian contemporary dance.

Ahmed Soura replaces Nadine in March

Nadine Freisleben

Nadine Freisleben is a choreographer, performer, and production manager for the free performing arts. She was trained in Lagos (NG) at the National Council for Arts and Culture in African dance, with a focus on Nigerian contemporary styles and danced and choreographed there between 2008 and 2010, for various Nigerian contemporary dance companies. She participated as a dancer and choreographer in festivals of Goethe Institute (Trufesta, organizer among others Adedayo Liadi) and Alliance Francaise (Danse meets Dance, organizer among others Bimbo Obafunwa). After graduating in 2015 at the Etage Berlin, she worked with choreographers such as Chaim Gebber (Chaim Gebber Open Scene), Sarah Bleasdale (INNERMEN) and Christine Fricker (Cie. Itinérrances). Her own works have been shown in France (Faites de la danse, Marseille), Portugal (Tempstudio Lisbon), Nigeria (Afrigansa, Goethe Institut/Trufesta, Alliance Francaise/ Dance meets Danse, etc, Lagos), Chile (Centro MB2 para la Experimentacion de las Artes, Arica), Germany (Tanzherbst Kempten, kulturelle Landpartie Gorleben, AMS Camp St. Georgen, etc). Since 2021 she runs her own production company for freelance artists "Apricot Productions" together with Angela Fegers. 

Ahmed Soura

Ahmed Soura is a dance - choreographer born in Burkina Faso and based in Berlin since 2012. The first thing you notice about Ahmed is his expressiveness and his electric stage presence! It's an energy that he loves to share generously with his partners, creating an invigorating creativity!

He was teaching in Burkina Faso ( ATB , EDIT and ANKATA) , in Berlin (Motion, Theater Haus Berlin Mette, Tanzfabrik), in Brazil, France, Italy, Holland, Togo, ... Years of training: traditional dances of Burkina Faso, Afro-Contemporary, urban dance, break dance, contemporary dance at the Institut national de formation artistique et culturelle in Burkina Faso, then at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier in France.

He created his dance company KORO / Compagnie Ahmed Soura in Burkina Faso in 2007, and his solos "En opposition avec Moi" and "166" won international awards in 2011 and 2013. 
He was co-creator, dancer-performer or choreographer at: Compagnie Irène Tassembedo, Christoph Schlingensief, Compagnie Christoph Winkler, Pink Mama Theater, Monsun Theater, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Philharmonie Berlin, Lise Wagner, Serge Aimé Coulibaly /Faso Danse Théâtre,. ..