Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Andi Weiland

Vibrant Body

Kurs with Sara Lu, Soroa Lear

VIBRANT BODY is an open space for movement. The class is based on the premise that movement exists in all of us at all times, and is a celebration of this movement and the sensations we can receive from it. By understanding and experiencing the functionality of our body — its anatomy, layers and mobility — we can exist in a space between activating/directing our movement and giving in to its forces. This naturally creates sensations in our body which can stimulate the inevitable continuation of movement.

In this guided collective practice we work closely with the music and sound that accompanies the class, as well as other external influences that affect our movement.

In VIBRANT BODY we seek an internal and sensorial, rather than a visual experience of movement and dance. Therefore, the class is open to anyone interested in movement, regardless of experience in a dance class context.

This practice draws inspiration from Sidra Bell’s methodology, Gaga, Dose of Pleasure by Alvin Collantes, and our personal creative practices among others.

Sara Lu replaces Soroa in March and April.

Sara Lu

Sara Lu (she/they) is a Berlin-based performer, movement director, and facilitator with a background in Ballet, contemporary dance, and Butoh. In their artistic journey, they continually seek authentic expression and tools to bridge inner experiences with the physical realm, exploring somatic awareness, the use of voice and sound, and various dance and movement approaches, focusing on somatic practice, inner impulse, and Butoh.

Raised in a family of activists, Sara has evolved into an artist passionately advocating against inequalities and discrimination, both in the art-making process and the performance encounter. Since 2016, they have been working as an in-house choreographer at RambaZamba Theater, an inclusive institution that empowers artists with disabilities. 

Soroa Lear

Soroa Lear is a Cuban-American dancer, performer and writer based in Berlin. She completed her studies in contemporary dance and comparative literature at Reed College, which sparked her interest in the intersections between critical theory and movement. In her practice, she explores the ways in which movement can enable a reordering of our subjectivity, allowing relationality, pleasure, and physical affect to determine our understanding of the self. In this centering of sensation, there lies the potential to become ‘undone’; to experience the body outside of its linguistic and subjected identity, and instead through bodily sensation. Her practice is heavily influenced by Gaga, contact improvisation and Berlin's nightclub culture - something she was able to practice and study thanks to a research grant she received in 2019. She has performed and worked with Oriantheater, Sebastian Abarbanell, Nora Tormann, and Søren Siebel amongst others. Her written works have been published by Penny Press and Confluence Journal.