Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Akemi Nagao, rehearsal “Juicy Metamorphosis”

My Lovers, Human & Beyond

Performance-Projekt with David Bloom

How can we expand the Desires that emerge between human beings to include a sensuous, multi-directional relationship to the space itself, and other non-human entities? In other words, how can we cultivate a consensual erotic relationship with the world at large?
In this performance project, we will begin by working somatically, with processes such as the digestive system, fundamentally connected to both desires and boundaries, in order to support the emergence of complex, intersubjective desire. We will also explore interpersonal exercises around desire and consent, looking for that deep state of consent that is not only an act of saying “yes” or “no”, but a continually unfolding “con-sentire”, feeling together.*
We will then bring our awareness to our relationship as dancers with the space itself, asking not only, “what do i desire of the space?”, but also “what does it desire of me?”
We will encounter the other in a way that invites them to inhabit their own subjectivity, whether that other is human or not.
* Thanks to choreographer and consent researcher Joy Mariama Smith for bringing my attention to that etymology.

Fee: 190 € / red: 170 € / professional dancers: 150 €

Additionally there is a “Pleasure - a contemporary technique class" with David Bloom from 08.06.- 13.07.2022 | Mon & Wed 18:10-19:40
In classes labeled “contemporary dance technique”, there can be friction between “sensing” and “doing”. We tend to be in one more than the other - there can be that moment when the teacher proposes a “set” sequence of steps, and we lose the sensing body that we experienced while warming up. This class attempts to bridge some of that gap, and proposes an embodied, sensuous approach to performing material that has been borrowed from another person’s (in this case, the teacher’s) movements. What you practice during a technique class is the technique you will become good at - and if you practice enjoying your dancing, the joy will increase.

David Bloom

David Bloom is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, father, filmmaker, bodyworker, pianist, and fermenting Jewish mystic. Graduated from the M.A. Choreography course at HZT Berlin, danceWEB scholarship in 2012. David teaches in many contexts, including HZT Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Human Architecture Lab in St. Petersburg, K3 in Hamburg, the Masters of Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt, the Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam, & the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. More info at:  davidbloom.info
Level: Movement Experience
Mon + Wed 20:00 - 22:00
Showing: 13.07.2022 / 21:00
Registration: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de
Phone 030.786 58 61

en | starts 08.06.