Uferstudio 1 / Winterbar Stage Stage
Photo: Nellie de Boer

copernicus drifting

Showing / Durational Dance Performance by Emmilou Rößling
In the frame of The Last Open Spaces?

How can something so slippery as dance, that basically disappears the moment it is over, be preserved? How can something be shared that vanishes, and how can something vanished be passed on? Dance poses a problem to ways of recording and remembering, and perhaps also to what it means to make something. “Copernicus drifting” ventures into the shady terrain where looks deceive, words hide behind their meaning and dance turns on itself. 

Four women are dancing together, evoking a space that is contemplating the notion of paradigm shift, an irreversible advancement within a discipline and the tension generated between new forms of knowledge and the necessary coming to an end of established world views. These overlapping ambiguities, drifting time and space and that what is left in the intervals of transmission, link to sensations of anxiety and grief paradoxically experienced as a doubling of a wishful anticipation of what has yet to come.

This is a preview of a future piece that will premiere at Tanzfabrik Berlin on 16 September.

Emmilou Rößling

Emmilou Rößling’s work evolves around questions of representation and perception, often exploring different forms of camouflage, and using different media, including dance, performance, textiles, and sculpture, with an interest in occupying zones of indeterminacy. Her recent works, including THE FRATERNITY (2020), FLUFF (2019), WATER COOLER CHAT (2018), have been presented in venues such as Judson Church NYC, Sophiensaele Berlin, Arsenic Lausanne, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Mousonturm FFM and Frankfurter Kunstverein. Emmilou studied choreography in Gießen and at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and fine arts at the Städelschule Frankfurt.  www.emmilouroessling.com
Durational until 23:00.
First come, first serve.
Registration on site required.
Choreography & Space: Emmilou Roessling | Technical Direction: Maika Knoblich  |  Performance: Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Rachell Bo Clark, Hanako Hayakawa, Emmilou Roessling | Original Music by Mårten Spångberg | With dances derived from audio described contributions by Vincent Riebeek, Isabel Lewis, Anna Nowicka, Fia Neises, Tarren Johnson, Alice Heyward.
Einzelprojektförderung des Berliner Senats, Kulturamt Frankfurt, Dis-Tanzen Solo.

Further Biographies

Amanda Barrio Charmelo is a performer living in Brussels, originally from Lima Peru. She began her dance training in Peru and moved to France in 2010 to continue her studies at the Paris Conservatory. In 2016, Amanda graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Since then, she has collaborated with various artists including Liza Baliaznaja, DD Dorvillier, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Maud le Pladec, Eszter Salamon, Ula Sickle and Michiel Vandevelde. In addition to her work as a performer, Amanda is continuing her studies in political science at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

Rachell Bo Clark is a dancer from Melbourne Australia, living in Berlin. Rachell studied dance at the Victorian College of the Arts before moving to Europe in 2014, where she has established herself as a performer, artist and teacher. Inspired by the connective possibilities of dance, and the friendships, intimacy and community it builds, Rachell continues to collaborate and perform with choreographers Sebastian Matthias, Ursina Tossi, Emmilou Rößling, Colette Sadler and Visual Artist Rachel Monosov, among others. In 2017 Rachell was part of DanceWEB scholarship, supported by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

Hanako Hayakawa is a Japanese dancer, performer, and dance maker currently based in Berlin, Tokyo, and Brussels. She received her first dance training from Hakucho ballet academy. She also studied in Tama art University where she majored in Performing Arts mentored by Saburo Teshigawara. She graduated from P.A.R.T.S.  and works with international artists mostly from Europe and Asia such as: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Michiel Vandevelde, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Tino Sehgal, Miet Warlop, Phoebe Berglund, Nikima Jagudajev, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Osamu Shikichi, Tetsuya Umeda.

Maika Knoblich is a performance maker and light designer. Since 2009 she forms the performance duo Quast & Knoblich with Hendrik Quast. They follow the common interest of the theatricalization of the banal, grotesque and incidental. She has been working as a light designer and dramaturge since 2010, among others with the choreographers Philippe Blanchard, Jeremy Wade, Olympia Bukkakis, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Billinger & Schulz, Karol Tyminski and performance collective Skart. She studied at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and at DasArts (now DAS) in Amsterdam.