Radialsystem Halle Stage
Photo: Philip Ingman


Dance Performance · Premiere by Sergiu Matis
In the frame of The Last Open Spaces?

In «DRANG» (urge, drive), the performers search for the new drive to dance, the drive towards imaginative invention, and for ways to re-sacralise the world. The world premiere of «DRANG» together with the Berlin premiere of «Terrain» by Milla Koistinen, Paul Valikoski and Ladislav Zajac will shape the opening weekend of Tanzfabrik Berlin's «Open Spaces» festival at Radialsystem. With the initiative «Tanzfabrik ♥ Radialsystem» the two institutions cooperate within the framework of the festival in order to specifically improve the presentation conditions of dance creators.

The dance in «DRANG»  no longer grieves for lost nature, but is animated by the desire for new possible enchanted forests and for magic. The search for magical algorithms is accompanied and stimulated by fantasia, toccata and passacaglia scores for harpsichord, from the Renaissance until the present. Unassuaged grief transforms into a generator of a storm of feelings – immediate, spontaneous and direct – in their raw urge, navigating from crisis to crisis with the drive of the Pre-Romantics and the visionary rebirth of the Renaissance. But if, for the Pre-Romantics, 'Drang' (from the Proto-Germanic word þrangwaz – pressing, narrow) was the drive towards darkness and death, this new Drang is animated by being in awe for life, in all its shapes.
«DRANG» is part of «Future Histories», a series of performances that explores the relation between nature and society, and particularly the artistic and performative responses to the climate emergency. Moving on from mourning the losses of the natural world (in «Hopeless.» and «Extinction Room»), and from attempting to rebuild society and identities in the post-apocalypse (in «UNREST»), «DRANG»  continues the series.

18.02.2022 Artist Talk with Sergiu Matis after the performance

20.02.2022 Haptic Access Tour + Audio description (unfortunately cancelled) by Jess Curtis / Gravity Access Service (Xenia Taniko & SilijaKorn)
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Sergiu Matis

Sergiu Matis (he/him) is a Romanian choreographer living in Berlin since 2008. He has created dance performances such as «Neverendings» (2017), «Hopeless.» (2019), «Extinction Room» (2019), «UNREST» (2021), «DRANG» (2022) and «Blazing Worlds» (2023). His work has been presented at festivals throughout Europe. Matis´ dance practice can be understood as a tireless search through physical and digitalised archives. His performances provoke intense experiences that break with expectations and strive towards a new understanding of dance. 
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Concept, choreography: Sergiu Matis | Performance, choreographic collaboration: Eli Cohen, Sergiu Matis, Orlando Rodriguez, Diletta Sperman | Harpsichord: Ana María Fonseca Núñez | Music: Girolamo Frescobaldi, Alessandro Scarlatti, György Ligeti, Antonio Martín y Coll, Archivo Musical de Concepción de Chiquitos y Archivo Musical de la Catedral de Bogotá | Dramaturgy: Mila Pavićević | Soundscape: Andrea Parolin, Emma Juliard | Composition: AGF Antye Greie |  Set Design: Adrian Ganea | Set Design collaboration: Xenia Roth | Set Design assistance: Flavius Augustin | Costume: Philip Ingman | Light: Emma Juliard | Technical managment: Andrea Parolin | Choreographic assistance: Vincent Bozek | Scenography production: Xenia Roth | Scenography assistance: Flavius Augustin | Production: Anna Chwialkowska | Distribution: Danila – Freitag, Agentur für Performative Künste.
A Sergiu Matis production | Funded by: Haupstadtkulturfonds (HKF) | Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Radial Foundation, MDT Stockholm, Workshop Foundation Budapest, NDA Slovenia in the frame of Life Long Burning, a project co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the framework of the NEUSTART KULTUR aid programme for dance | With the kind support of sw&g.
Sergiu Matis is supported by apap - FEMINIST FUTURES 2020-2024 - a project co-founded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.