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Tragedy of Dancing Comic (fully booked)

Performance-Projekt with Breeanne Camille Saxton

Tragedy of the Dancing Comic is a playful dance-theatre study of physical comedy for humans of all backgrounds. Learn how the body generates laughter. We will begin by questioning what physical performance means to us, what it has meant to us, and what it can mean. Without getting too pedantic, this project invites the participants to address the semantics of movement, to consider deeply what they are doing when they are performing, and to discuss the kind of meaning imbued in a moving body. The body, voice, and performance presence will be trained through attunement exercises, games, and tasks with heritages from contemporary dance, qi-gong, childhood schoolyard games, improvisational theatre, butoh, stand up comedy, and vocal training. This attunement process will carry us to the instant performance process as we develop an understanding of the phrase “the practice is the performance and the performance is the practice”.  The group will engage in instant performances, discussion, and refinement of material building towards a work-in-progress showing. Participants can expect a collaborative environment where their own voices, interests, and performance/research histories are encouraged to deepen and blossom in tandem with Saxton’s movement material and perspective. Standing on operatic shoulders, we will dig into the relationship between tragedy and comedy. Through dance we will learn about the rhythm of laughter and the timing of tragedy. The structures of comedy writing will guide us through our composition process. Deconstruct the value and history of earnestness in contemporary dance. Explore the relationships between comedy and dance, the physical and the theatrical, the personal and the public, performer and audience. You’re invited to take laughter very seriously.
P.S. You don’t have to be funny to be funny.

Fee: 190 € / red: 170 € / professional dancers: 150 €

Additionally there is a Contemporary class with Breeanne Saxton from 01.01.- 16.02.2022 | Mon & Wed 18:10-19:40
With a varied training background including athletic gymnastics, Horton-Limon, release technique, and contemporary floor work, Saxton’s contemporary technique class trains the muscles to take care of the skeleton through efficiency, alignment, and intelligent utilization of a body in motion. Beginning with a sequence of image and energy based warm ups, students will encounter rhythmic, spatial, and qualitative challenges individually and as a group. The class will progress to set choreographic material giving students a chance to experience specificity, group synchronicity, and achievement.

Breeanne Camille Saxton

Breeanne Camille Saxton is a choreographer, musical performance maker, teacher, and performer currently based in the small town of Berlin, Germany. After receiving her BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah in 2015, Breeanne has had the pleasure to work and collaborate with a variety of artists and companies around the world. She divides her time equally between choreographing, performing, and teaching; the three practices continuously informing one another. She was honored to be a company dancer with Ririe Woodbury Dance Company and perform the works of Ann Carlson, Raja Feather-Kelly, Joanne Kotze, Doug Varone, Daniel Charon, Adam Barruch, and Alwin Nikolais with Alberto Del Saz of the Murray-Louis Foundation worldwide. Other artists she has worked with include LajaMartin, Alica Minar, The Utah Opera, Daniél Desnoyers, Jasmine Ellis and Yael Cibulski, Nichele Van-Portfleet, Graham Brown, Steve Koester, Kyle Lang, Brianna Lopez, Anima May, Molly Heller, Eric Handman, Shaun Boyle, Scott Wells, Yanis Adoniou, and Scotty Hardwig. Her choreography has been shown in various theaters and venues around the world. Her most recent work legaxy xx received the honor of the 3rd prize in choreography in the Stuttgart solotanz theater festival and the 3rd solo prize at the Masdanza festival in 2021. She plays the electric bass and performs in her female post punk band under an alter-ego.
Level: Movement experience
Mon + Wed 20:00 - 22:00
Showing: 16.02.2022/ 21:00
Registration: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de
Phone 030.786 58 61

en | starts 03.01.22