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Photo: Nuphar Blechner

Assembly Instructions

Performance · Premiere by Nir Vidan

»Assembly Instructions« is a solo performance driven by the desire to question and deconstruct the so-called normative body on stage. It is a body-based manifesto for multiplicity, a tribute to queer legacy, a quest toward the undefined. The body in “Assembly Instructions” is a constantly evolving, experimental entity that continually abstracts itself, creating itself. Through cycles of dis- and re-assembly, it sheds its skin to transform feelings and memories related to sexuality and shame, reshaping them into a new experience of the self. In a play between the sensual and the abstract, the erotic and the absurd, the intimate and the obscene, it seeks fullness in the incomplete.
»Assembly Instructions« is a restaging and development of Vidan's choreographic research »GLASS«, which was presented at Tanzfabrik in February 2020.

Nir Vidan

Nir Vidan is a choreographer, performer and dramaturg based in Berlin and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Since he graduated his studies at HZT-berlin in 2015, Nir has been creating his independent choreographic works, side by side with his ongoing collaborations with other performance artists such as Isabelle Schad, Yasmeen Godder, Clement Layes, Laurent Goldring, Julia Rodriguez and others. "The ground for my choreographic work is the articulation of a subjective body presence and the way its singular identity is unfolding through time in a performative state. This is my personal exploration as a choreographer, and my interest when working with others as an interpreter. Side by side with that, I am engaged with learning and decoding the structural violence of our time and I perceive my artistic work as an opportunity for critical action and community life."
Tickets: 15€ / red. 10€
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Please arrive 1/2 hour before the performance starts.
Corona regulations:
↪  Required is a proof of a negative rapid test (24 hours citizen test) or proof of a complete vaccination (at least 14 days ago) or an official proof of having recovered from a corona infection (the illness must not have been more than 6 months ago).
 ↪  FFP-2 masks mandatory during performance.
Choreography, performance: Nir Vidan | Sound: Tomer Damsky | Dramaturgy: Diethild Meier, Ran Brown, Ari Teperberg |  Philosophical research, dramaturgy: Sharon Cohen | Rehearsal director: Tamar Kisch | Light design: Emma Juliard | Artistic collaboration, study group facilitator: Roni Katz | Project management: Raquel Moreira.
The project is funded by the Berlin Senate of Culture and Europe and co-produced by Tanzfabrik Berlin. It is supported by Vierte Welt, Yasmeen Godder Studio, Kelim Choreography Center and The Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts.

Further Biographies

↪ Tomer Damsky is a sound and stage artist. A graduate of the Musrara School of Art and Society and the Open University, she is currently a graduate student in the musicology department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A lecturer in the School of Visual Theater and choir conductor at Musrara. Tomer’s research interests include philosophies of listening, performance and social dissonance in the context of stimulation, existential boredom and the human experience. Tomer creates, performs and designs sound for dance and theater and is a member of Excessive Productions multidisciplinary collective whose sound installations were featured in festivals and galleries across Israel and Europe. Tomer is the frontwoman of the audiovisual Psychotrap trio WACKELKONTAKT, she is active in the JLM underground and extreme music community, and a founding member of Studio Straus.

↪  Diethild Meier lives in Berlin and works as a dancer, dramaturg and curator. She studied "Dance, Choreography and Context" at the HZT Berlin (BA 2015) and has since participated in numerous dance productions. She developed a close collaboration as a dancer and co-creator with choreographers Lina Gómez (2014 to present) and Mirjam Gurtner (2018 to present). She is a scholarship holder of the pilot project Tanzpraxis 2020/2021 of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and received the funding #TakeCare 2021 of the Fonds Darstellende Künste. She works as a production manager for several Berlin based artists and is the dramaturg of Nir Vidan since 2019. Together with Julek Kreutzer, Diethild is curating the A.PART festival for Berlin dance students and alumni at ada Studio Berlin.
↪ Roni Katz lives and works in Berlin as choreographer, performer and many other things. Through a steady practice of expanded choreography she is looking for the apt medium to manifest personal-political matters, sometimes finding the stage elsewhere, when choreographing events, installations and conversations. Roni is obsessed with politics of self-care (as warfare), love and power structures, she enjoys collaborating with friends and otherwise, and she is currently attempting to practice a Zero-Waste life.

↪ Emma Juliard is a light designer and artist living in Berlin. Emma started in her early 20s to design light for dance pieces and happenings for the choreographer C. Carlson (2002-2010). Next to this she started a close collaboration with the author and director C.Huysman (2001-2010) and the collective « Les hommes penchés », doing sound and light installations in gardens and working on circus- theatre pieces. In 2008 her collaboration with Alexis Forestier and André Robillard in «Tuer la misère » brought her to work with light on stage. In 2011, she was part of the Berlin collective B.o.B which created a sound/light/video machine for the project « Hamletmaschine '' based on Heiner Müller’s work. In 2014 she co-founded the Blac Blob electronic workshops and the Blac Blob orkestar, and gave electricity workshops for Women in Romania and Berlin. She also collaborated in Berlin with the light designers Mehdi Toutain-Lopez, Fabian Bleish and Andreas Hardner. In recent years she is mainly working as light designer and technical director with international artists of the contemporary dance field, like Isabelle Schad, Sergiu Matis, Nir Vidan, Penelope Wehrli and Felix Ott among others.