Strausberger Platz Stage
Photo: Katja Münker

Invitation to Walk #1 – Kreisläufe

Hör-Spiel-Spaziergang & Podcast-Release by Katja Münker

The four episodes of the podcast series lead and allure to walking body-perception experiments. They are intended for the appropriation of the city with and through somatics, choreography and artistic research. The content touches on anatomical-physiological aspects of perception, backgrounds from body philosophy and embodiment cognition, history and practices in walking art and performance art, as well as urban history.

This Sunday, the podcast series will be opened collectively with the walk Kreislauf (circuit). After the urban theater experience on Strausberger Platz Katja Münker and Mattef Kuhlmey will give an insight into the creation of the walks and look forward to a lively exchange. Via an online platform, all 4 podcast parts are individually accessible and freely usable after the release event.

Katja Münker

Katja Münker is a choreographer/performer, artistic researcher, Feldenkrais practitioner, mountain hiking guide & walking artist in Berlin. She is professionally trained in physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Method, contemporary dance studies, (contact-) improvisation and instant composition. She has worked as educational director of somatic training-programs such as Environmental Somatics Training and the somatic dance and performance training EMERGE at Somatic Academy Berlin. Her artistic works and collaborative performance projects have included performative walks, somatic and artistic research, conference contributions and publications on the interconnectedness of choreographic and somatic practices, as well as on walking as an artistic practice, and embodied understanding and agency.  She conducts regular teaching activities, including at UdK Berlin, HZT Berlin and HafenCityUniversität Hamburg. She has collaborated on artistic research and projects with partners including Alex Arteaga, AREAL_artistic research lab Berlin, Gabriele Brandstetter, Amos Hetz, Ingo Reulecke and Martin Nachbar, and co-curated the Take Us for a Walk symposium (2014) & BODY IQ Festival (2015-2017).
The walk is in German.
For participation a (charged) cell phone & headphones are necessary.
Alternatively, an MP3 player can be lent on site.

Participation free of charge
Registration is required at  anmeldung@tanzfabrik-berlin.de
Detailed information on the meeting point will be sent with the registration by e-mail.

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Concept, Speaker: Katja Münker | Sounddesign: Mattef Kuhlmey
Supported by Projektförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg | Co-operation: Somatische Akademie Berlin

Further biographies

Mattef Kuhlmey, born and raised in Berlin (East), studied political science at the Free University of Berlin and has been working as a musician since 1999. Trained as a guitarist and working in the field of electronic music for many years, his main interest is the interface of traditional music making and experimental sound techniques. He composes and performs live for dance/performance/theater productions with Hyoung Min Kim, Jo Parkes, Gabriele Reuter, Nico and the Navigators, Deborah Hay, Rabih Mroué, Jan Martens, DanceOn Ensemble, Hans Werner Krösinger/ Regine Dura, among others.
With the band ALP he sets silent movies to music, such as "Berlin - Die Symphonie der Großstadt", "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari", "Panzerkreuzer Potemkin" and performs them in numerous concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA. He also works as a sound designer for Thalia Theater Hamburg, Salzburg Festival, TwoFish, Gisèle Vienne, among others.