Tennis-Club Tiergarten e.V. Stage
Photo: S.M


Performance · Premiere by Sophie Guisset

«Wilson» is an invitation to enter a space where visible and hidden codes are at play. Investigating the social and physical interactions that could possibly develop on a tennis court, we open fields of imagination where pleasure, tension, affection, sex  and flirt are never too far. How do we perform sexuality and intimacy in the open? How can partners play together in a codified environment and nevertheless create a sense of freedom? Aware of its own boundaries and limits, «Wilson» is an attempt to negotiate for more and install the audience in the secret position of the voyeur wandering in a utopic queer and inclusive cruising area, for example.  Join us in this expression of desire and pleasure where the exclusive tennis club becomes wet and dirty. All in all, «Wilson» is what you will make of it, a moment to set foot in your own fantasies.

Sophie Guisset

Sophie Guisset is a Berlin-based performance maker. After completing her education as an actress at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (BE), she took part in the Dance Intensive Program at Tanzfabrik Berlin. She has been working with Olga Tsvetkova, Fanny Brouyaux, Consolate Sipérius,Philipp Urrutia, Enis Turan, Natasza Gerlach and Lisa Vereertbrugghen.
Barrier-free access can be provided. Please register for this in advance under  produktion@tanzfabrik-berlin.de

Tennis-Club Tiergarten e.V.
Kruppstraße 14a, 10557 Berlin
Einfahrt: Kruppstraße 16

Ticket: 15€/erm. 10€
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Concept, direction: Sophie Guisset | Dramaturgy: Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Performance: Isabelle Bats, Clara Conza, Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Light: Loic Iten | Sound design: Sophie Ruston | Choreographic adviser: Fanny Brouyaux | Stage design: KRAFT Studio | Creative producer: Pauline Payen | Production Valérie Terwei.
Coproduction: Charleroi Danse (BE), Latitudes Contemporaines (FR),  Wallonie Bruxelles International , Tanzfabrik Berlin | Funded by individual project funding from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, supported by the National Performance Network– Stepping out, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Support Programme Dance  | Residency: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Wp Zimmer (BE), Buda Kortrijk (BE), Le Bamp (BE), Garage 29 (BE), De Grote Poste (BE), Charleroi Danse (BE) | With the support of Tennis Club Tiergarten | A big thank you to Matthieu Goeury.

Further biographies

↪  Clara Conza is a performer and shiatsu practitioner based in Berlin. After a B.A. in Theater Studies (FU Berlin), the Dance Intensive Program (Tanzfabrik) and a Shiatsu Training, they are currently preparing to be a certified Heilpraktiker. The projects they performed in propose queer landscapes of ecstasy questioning our relation to pleasure and sense of belonging. 

↪  Lisa Vereertbrugghen (b. 1986) is a dancer, choreographer and researcher based in Brussels. Since 2014 she has been researching hardcore techno dance styles trough various formats: performances, lecture-performances, performance-installations and publications. „Softcore“, „a hardcore encounter“ and „DISQUIET - sensational aesthetics of a technokin“ are her most recent performances. Her work has been shown in: MDT (Stockholm), Oktoberdans (BIT, Bergen), Playground Festival (STUK, Leuven), BUDA (Kortrijk), Bâtard festival (Brussels and Amsterdam), CA2M (Madrid), Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam), CAMPO (Gent), Rencontres Chorégraphiques (Paris) and others.

↪  Isabelle Bats (1969, Charleroi BE) is a writer, director,  performer and curator. Her works have been shown in Théâtre de la Balsamine, Halles de Schaerbeek, Théâtre Océan Nord in Belgium. She has also collaborated with the Halles de Schaerbeek, Brass, Festival Trouble, Théâtre de l’Ancre in Belgium. In January 2021, she will work as the new Co-director (with Mathias Varenne ) of Le Théâtre de la Balsamine (Brussels)