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Biomechanics of Movement

Kurs with Francisco Cuervo

The „Biomechanics of Movement“ class is based on DBM – Danis Bois method / Fasciawork – perceptive pedagogy and Klein Technique – Susan Klein / stretch and placement. The class allows movers of all kind and levels to achieve more fluidity and ease of movement. In the first part of the class we will explore the fascia system in it aspects of connectivity (structure) and gliding (function), with the goal that through the perception the mind and the body are brought in a new state of dynamic comunication. (Sensory biomecanic – linearity). In the second part of the class we will work on groundness by placing the pelvis on top oft he legs so we can stand upright aligned to the forces of gravity. (Traditional biomecanic – circularity). The core principles of time/slowness and breath, intention/direction and space will allow us to experience the dialog between body and perception, movement and mind, structure and energy. Through that we can simply learn to be.

Francisco Cuervo

Francisco Cuervo studied dance in Colombia and New York and worked for many years as a dancer at the Folkwang Tanzstudio and Tanztheater Wuppertal, among others. After his career, he began to teach dance in schools at "TanzZeit" and at the same time devoted himself to the study of Tai-Chi and Klein Technique. In 2014 he began teaching the "Movement Practice Class" at the Tanzfabrik Berlin. As a choreographer, he worked in various youth dance theatre productions with amateurs, including regularly for the intercultural youth dance theatre in Oranienburg. In 2017 he began the three-year training in the MDB (Method Danis Bois) "perceptive pedagogy / fascia therapy".