Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Yu Jin (Hailey)

Present Mass – Impro

Kurs with Lux Pellegrini

My dance class revolves around the desire to embody the present moment within a safe environment. Through somatics, improvisation, and compositional skills, Present Mass training encourages a movement research based on my personal, social, and political need as a trans person to create more spaces where we can move together as a collective, exploring group dynamics while remaining present in our own bodies and perspectives. Present Mass unfolds in three distinct stages. In the first stage, we delve into body mapping and engage in self-movement conversations to locate our individual bodies within the space. The second stage focuses on connecting and forging our identity as a group. Finally, in the last stage, we embrace various possibilities for the group to coexist as a collective of individuals who exercise agency and respect personal boundaries. This practice embraces the notion of a diverse and biographical body, going beyond mere technical proficiency. As a somatic practitioner and facilitator, I actively encourage exploration through different social and political perspectives, resulting in a series of playful and progressive exercises. These exercises, simple in nature, aim to transform the dance class into a playground where the primary goal is to engage your mind with your body, fostering presence and awareness within the space. We will bounce, dance for each other, run, roll, scream, jump, walk, transform, draw the space, and migrate within it. We will be together for an hour and a half, cultivating an open and inclusive environment. The class welcomes individuals who are eager to move within the present space, utilizing their bodies to explore performativity through presence, responsibility, awareness, and safety. During the class, there may be physical contact, laughter, tears, discussions, confusion, and the unknown. Prior to attending, please ensure that you are prepared to reset your expectations and feel comfortable with these elements. This will allow each person to be responsive to others while remaining independent.

Lux Pellegrini

Lux Pellegrini (they/she), also known as Barbie Caverna, is a white transgender femme and gender non-conforming movement artist. They present a romantic anime cyborg punk interpretation of art, where body practices are regarded as social and political sources of embodiment. Since the age of 15, Lux has worked as a performer in dance and multimedia productions for various companies, theaters, and television programs in Italy, Chile, and Germany. Some of these include Undercover Dance Company, Danceorama, Teatro di Sacco, Kampnagel, Letter Box Film Production, and Jose Vidal & Cia. Throughout the years, Lux has developed a multifaceted understanding of art that challenges the traditional perspectives of contemporary dance, which they acquired through many years of professional training, specifically at two different universities in Italy and Germany. Their approach to movement incorporates elements of electronic experimental music, drag, visual arts, theater, singing, fashion, as well as somatics and therapeutic work. As a somatic practitioner and facilitator, Lux (aka Barbie Caverna) is dedicated to a non-capitalist vision of dance. Their artistic practice revolves around the deconstruction of gender, envisioning dance as a social exercise that cultivates the ability to come together as a collective and embraces diverse, inclusive, and intersectional dynamics. Today, Lux is a freelancer based in Berlin and is building their own movement practice called Present Mass. They are also a member of thedancersconnect.deartist network, advocating for the representation of diversity in the future political prospects of contemporary dance.