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Flux Motion Training

Kurs with Sabrina Marwa

Flux Motion Training is a mix of different dance techniques and styles, from jazz to contemporary and modern to folk dance steps. With emphasis on the changes of rhythm in flow, approaching technique in a fun way.

Every class kicks off with an accessible warm-up designed to get your blood going. As we progress, we delve into some technical exercises intertwined with short phrases, allowing us to combine the joy of dance and music with the technique. Throughout the class, we'll journey towards a dance combination, challenging both body and mind memory. The choreographic style is characterized by its energy and attention to detail, incorporating organic movements rooted in the technical foundation laid during our exercises.
During the training I try to create an atmosphere that is filled with joy and support, where I encourage everyone to have fun, with the steps given and the ones you create yourself, to let the endorphins flow.

Sabrina Marwa

Sabrina Marwa, Indo-Dutch, works as a freelance teacher and choreographer, based in Berlin. After graduating from ArtEZ (2011), School of the Arts in The Netherlands she worked as a teacher and performer for the dance company Introdans Interaction, and danced for the youth company De Stilte. In Berlin, she immersed herself in new dance styles and techniques. Since then she has been working as a teacher and choreographer with Seneca Intensiv, ArtEZ, Siniparksi, and BLEND. As the pandemic hit she studied to become a Buteyko Breathwork teacher and incorporated this into her dance practice as well. Sabrina enjoys passing on things that she learnt and made an impression on her, whether it be a dance step or a silly saying that inspires a movement.