New Fears - gallery for dance and performance Stage
Image: Julian Weber

No Hard Feelings


Over the term of 3 weeks NO HARD FEELINGS invites 18 dancers to each dance 4h in the gallery window of NEW FEARS, a freshly opend gallery for dance in Berlin Wedding, curated by Julian Weber. The dances can be observed by the passing pedestrians and will also be recorded for online viewing. NO HARD FEELINGS wants to give a possibilitiy to move, visibilitiy to dance and a little hope in these restricted times. The recordings will create an archive of 72h dancing emerging from a lockdown and will be screened during Tanznacht - Vertigo - Part 2 in July 2021.

Names & dates:
02.02.  Annalise Van Even 
03.02.   Kalil Bat
04.02.  Jessica Comis
05.02.   Maciej Sado
06. 02.  Meg Stuart
07.02.   Martin Hansen
08.02.  Pause

09.02.   Dasniya Sommer    
10.02.    Alistair Watts
11.02.     Sergiu Matis
12.02.    Lyllie Rouvière
13..02.   Thiago Granato
14.02.   Karol Tymiński
15.02.   Pause

17.02.   Forough Fami > Please note: 00:00 - 05:00 a.m.
17.02.   Cécile Bally
18.02.   PomPom
19.02.   Peter Pleyer
20.02. Jos McKain
21.02.   Rocio Marano
18 dancers
each dancing 4 hours
in the gallery window
Schererstr. 5, 13347 Berlin
Concept/curator: Julian Weber | A Tanznacht - Vertigo Part 2 - satellite project | hosted by NEW FEARS - gallery for dance and performance