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Elastic Endings

Performance-Projekt with Victoria McConnell

Death is the only certainty in human existence. But the end is actually a beginning: we experience time only as a result of death, the knowledge of an ending. Just as light cannot be appreciated without shadow, living takes on meaning in time because of death. We measure time, we feel it. We see it passing in plants, seasons, and the human body. Decay becomes an indicator of time, the movement towards an end.  In this performance project, death is the starting point. We use it to frame our exploration of time and our sensation of it passing. Do we move through time or does it move around us? Time is both linear and cyclical. Tick, tock, tick tock: we measure it with watches and in our bodies. Using movement imagery from nature and cosmology, we will play with measuring time, the postures of decay, and manipulating experienced time. Can we find endless or infinite movements? Time flies and it stands still, depending on our emotions. Can we slow down or speed up time with our bodies?  Playing with improvisation as well as manipulating material from Victoria’s research, we will consider time from the viewpoint of plants and humans, and enjoy the whoosh of perspective shift between microcosm and macrocosm. With body, voice, humour, and sensitivity we will research, then knit together a performative frame for the final evening’s public showing.
Fee: 190 € / red: 170 € / professional dancers: 150 € | Application for the project: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de

Additionally you can join the Contemporary class with Victoria McConnell
31.8.-21.10.2020 | Mon & Wed 18:10-19:40

Victoria's Contemporary Dance class begins with guided improvisations to bring awareness of the breath, awaken the skin’s sensation, and invite the brain and the body to arrive in the space. Warming up further, the class flows through structured exercises to activate the core and large muscle groups while flowing in and out of the floor. Continuing to weave improvisation with technique, Victoria offers a focus or theme, which returns throughout the class. As the class progresses we eat up space with spirals, floor work and turns, moving across the space using tasks and short phrases to integrate sensation and detail with larger movements. Bringing the various elements together, the class culminates in phrase-work and integrating improvisation or individual movement qualities into the structure or choreography Victoria offers. 
Fee: Single class 12€, 10x card 110€

Victoria McConnell

A native Californian, Victoria earned a BFA in Dance from Belhaven University in 2008, and worked in Washington and Oregon. Since 2015, she is based in Germany performing, teaching, and creating collaboratively in Europe. From Berlin, she has worked with composers Katya Sourikova and Adriano Fontana, with musicians Joshua Tennent and Livia Rita. As a dancer, Victoria has performed for Joachim Schlömer, Tanz Company Gervasi, Sara Angius, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and others. She also performs for camera and in comedy. In Seattle from 2009-2015 she danced for many artists including Catapult Dance, Ilvs Strauss, Alana O Rogers Dance Company, and Coriolis Dance Collective. Curating through ada Studio in Berlin, since 2018 she creates events for the series “NAH DRAN extended". While in Seattle, she co-produced dance events through the nonprofit Abbey Arts in 2013 and 2014.
Mon + Wed 20:00 - 22:00
Showing: 21.10.2020 / 21:00
Registration for the project: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de
Phone: 030.786 58 61

starts 31.8.